Fourteen Months

{14 Months}

That is how long it's been since we were in the hospital, awaiting the arrival of, and then holding our little baby girl for the very first time.

That is how long my little bug has been waking up with each morning with the biggest smile on her face.

That is how long Grace has had a baby sister to boss around.

That is how long we have been blessed to watch our two baby girls play with each other and listen to their laughter fill the walls of our home.

That is how long we've been lucky enough to teach and learn from a sweet, easy-going, loving, snuggly little girl.

Charley is growing so fast it's scary.

She weighs nineteen pounds eleven ounces and is twenty-nine and a half inches tall.

She is still in size 12-18 month clothes, size four shoes, and size five diapers.

Girl has sixteen teeth.

She only nurses at night and maybe once or twice during the day. When she is away from mom during the week, she'll take a bottle or two.

She loves macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs, corn on the cob, chicken, and chocolate milk, but she will devour practically anything we give her. She's a great eater, and she eats a lot.

She learned how to feed herself with a fork and spoon this month.

Char likes to watch movies with her sister, and the current favorites are still Brave and Despicable Me.

She thinks she's a big kid and plays right along with Grace, Noah, and Easton as they run around.

Books are a huge favorite, and she loves to "read" them to us herself. Her favorites are the Jellycat books such as this one:

She also loves to play with her Little People princesses, color with crayons in coloring books, and tries to do her own hair frequently.

Her most favorite thing to do is give kisses, and it melts my heart. She's such a sweet girl.

Chawdgey loves to wear bracelets and always needs one on her wrist.

She is talking a little more each day. I swear, she can repeat anything you say. She may only say it once, but she is like a little parrot. Words she learned this month include up, shhh, night night, and she knows that cows say "moo".

If you leave the wipes out, prepare for her to take them all out of the box and proceed to clean anything and everything with them. I remember Grace loving to clean, and it cracks me up that Charley does, too. I feel like I'm constantly vacuuming up tiny particles of what used to be baby wipes.

Charley has been such a blessing in our lives, and we are having so much fun watching her grow into such a wonderful little girl.

Love you so much, little bug!

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