Last Week...

I somehow missed some pictures on the previous week's post, so I'll just throw them on this one.
...Isaac took the girls to Run Plus Fun while I was dress shopping with Francesca. They played on the big slides and climbed through the caterpillar. I forgot how much fun we had the first time we took the girls there. Plus, it's inside, so it's the perfect place to take the kiddos to get some energy out on the weekends:
...the girls stayed close after their bath while waiting for me to get their outfits ready for the day:

...we went to my cousin Shelby's graduation party and got a picture with all (minus Aubs) of the Tackett cousins together:
...since we were on that side of town, we stopped at Farm Basket for dinner! It's only the greatest place to eat of alllll time (Seriously, go there. You won't be disappointed.):
...Charley and I snuggled on the couch. I love that she is such a cuddle bug. She loves to lay her head on my chest, and I can't get enough of it:
...Grace bossed Charley around - one of her favorite things to do:
...she looked adorable on her way to school. Those big puppy dog eyes are going to get her anything she ever wants:
...Charley combed Daddy's hair, and he stole some kisses:
...she snuggled with Mommy some more:
...Charley learned how to wave bye-bye, and it's the cutest little wave ever. (She also likes to tell me to "go, go, go" when we're in the car):
...we had Memphis Barbecue for dinner where the girls colored, and Charley couldn't get enough sweet tea:
...Grace washed dishes (her favorite thing to do) at Grammy's, and Papa Rick paid her for her work:
Grammy got Grace and Charley matching Jake Locker jerseys when she was in Nashville. Can't even wait for football season!!
...we went to Chapalas for dinner, and Charley loved their salsa:
...we got snowcones after school:
...Grace turned THREE and celebrated at the circus AND had a pool party.
...she danced like a crazy girl in the car on the way to her party. I think she was a little excited:
...we celebrated Father's Day with dolphins and tigers.
...the girls played upstairs with Daddy:
See ya next week!!

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