Last Week...

A couple of weeks ago, Grace got her very first hair cut. I totally forgot to put it in that weekly blog, so I'm including it in this one. It was just a baby hair cut to clean up that wispy baby hair on the ends, but she did so well. It wasn't hard though, because Grandma Lisa came over to trim it for her. We're not going any shorter for a while. I'm too afraid to cut those gorgeous curls:
Last Week...

...we celebrated Memorial Day in our red, white, and blue. (Thank you so much to everyone that has, is, or will serve our country to fight for the freedoms that we tend to take for granted each day. We are so appreciative!):
...we did our weekly shopping at Trader Joe's where Charley got a flag:
...Grace and I snuggled on the couch and watched Monsters, Inc.:
...I put Charley down for a nap, and after she fell asleep, Grace and I made silly faces:
...Charley woke up in her usual happy mood, and she and sister wrestled:
...we made chicken, pasta, and corn for dinner, and Charley said, "Mmmm" after every bite with her lips puckered like this (so cute) and somehow ended up with two popsicles for dessert:
...we finally met the Luks at the splash pad for a play date, and the kids had so much fun. It was great to catch up with Jess, too (we cheered together in high school!). Hopefully we'll get to see more of them more often. Especially since they live just around the corner from us:
Total buds by the end of the day!
...all that time in the sun really wore the girls out. We got home, took a bath, and they were out for the night:
...Kasie and Francesca came over for some wine while the three boys went out to play at the Hard Rock. Charley colored on the counter and used her head to hold the board so it didn't move with her marker:
Grace took a picture of us, and then kept instructing us on how to pose. It was so funny. She's a pretty good little photographer:
Say cheese!
Stick your tongue out...
Now go like this.
And like this.
Grab that puppy.
Shake your tushy!
Such a fun night!
...Charley hit thirteen months.
...the next morning, the babies watched Mickey Mouse in bed:
...we grabbed some breakfast burritos from Faustos and stopped next door at Starbucks. This is becoming a routine on Saturdays before heading to the pool for the day. Charley fell asleep on the way while Grace waited patiently for her breakfast:
...when we got to my moms, Charley showed us how to go down the steps very carefully:
...Grace posed for a picture. It's finally June...her birthday month:
...the girls played in the pool, and Cashy came over to swim with them. Grace followed him around everywhere. She loves that cute guy so much. We played volleyball and spent something like seven hours just relaxing by the pool:
...Grace was exhausted, but as soon as I mentioned Noah and Easton, she quickly got a second wind. We met the Sebastians at Lucille's for dinner, and the kids were crazy. Luckily, we were seated outside on the patio, so they got to be as loud as they wanted. We always have a great time with these guys, and love hanging out with our super fun neighbors:
...Sunday, it was breakfast at The Coffee Cup with the Espejos followed by a couple of hours at O'Callaghan Park. Of course the girls had fun swinging and playing on the slides with Grandma:
...we had Memphis Barbecue for lunch with baby Buzz Lightyear:
Char got this adorable onesie in Disneyland, and it gave her some super powers. Just watch this kid's temper when she gets upset with Grace. She has never done this before...
After that little anger issue, the food came and she was fine again. Crazy kid.
...when we got home she played with Grace's Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster:
...the girls played in the bath before bed time: 

...Charley snuggled with her blanky. Grace is crazy about her blanket, but Charley is straight obsessed. She lights up at the sight of any of her five blankets, and smushes her face into them as soon as she gets one in her hands. It's so funny:

See ya next week :)

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