Last Week...

...the girls and I got snowcones after school:
...Charley learned how to work the Minnie Mouse Musical Purse and sang me the Minnie's Bowtique song all afternoon:
...the girls snacked on mac and cheese, and Charley got it everywhere:
...we celebrated Rick's 50th birthday with some carne asada tacos and a delicious Oreo cake:
(The real celebration will be next weekend!)
...Grace got some Creative Cake Legos for her birthday, and the girls had fun building cake castles with them:
...she also got a little baby, but since she already has two, she gave it to Charley. Charley loved playing mommy and even showed me where baby's eyes, lips, and nose were located. She's so smart:
...Charley started to really like giving kisses - probably because we say, "awwwww" every time. She kept running around the living room giving Isaac, Grace, and me kisses. She's the sweetest: bath time, Charley ran and jumped in sister's bed to hide:
...Geni stopped by my mom's when she had the girls and found them all passed out together:
...we colored with window markers all over the back door. Charley thought it was the funnest thing in the world and then tried to eat all of the markers:
...we went to Ventano for dinner with the family where Charley ate more mac and cheese, and Grace got a bowl of ice cream with the most cherries ever:
...I spent my afternoon with Tiffany and got my nails done:
...Instagram added video, so I snagged a snippet of Char Char giggling while being tickled:
...Charley colored on the back door some more. As you can tell by those blue lips, she really likes the markers:
...we had Café Rio for dinner, and Charley loved the black beans:
...Friday we went to see Monsters University 3D with the Sebastians. We stopped at Starbucks while we waited for it to start, and Charley downed a chocolate milk. The kids had a blast sharing popcorn, dancing in the theater, and running all over the place. Thankfully, everyone else went to the regular version, so our theater was pretty empty. Charley slept through most of it (like usual):
...Saturday we had breakfast at Panera. They have thee best soufflés. Charley picked up a fork and just started eating with it like it was no big deal. Of course, when I started videoing her, she made it look a little harder. I can't believe she's getting so big. It's like she's a real life kid! Grace loved watching the birdies and even fed them some toast:
...we took the girls to the Silverton Aquarium. They loved watching all of the fish swimming around. Grace was a little afraid of the sting rays at first, but loved them after watching them follow her hands everywhere. We also came across some beautiful mermaid paintings. They totally made me want to make Gracie a mermaid room with purple, pink, and teal. The artist can even paint the mermaids to look like the girls. I think this will be my next project when I find time:
...after the aquarium, we went home and watched Brave while Daddy cleaned up:
...the Sebastians came over to play outside and barbecue. little snuggle bug cuddled in my arms all morning:
...she played with Daddy and kept giving him her binky:
...Gracie and I made cupcakes. Of course, we had to dye her frosting blue, because that's her favorite color. She loves helping out around the kitchen and even poured in all of the ingredients, mixed them, and decorated the cupcakes:
...we started training the girls for the upcoming football season and taught them how to use their football whistles whenever the Titans (and I guess the Bears) score a touchdown:
...Grace played Life with Isaac and me while Charley napped:
 ...we hung out around the house all day Sunday just relaxing. It was a nice change up from our usual fast paced, crazy life. Charley especially enjoyed walking around in her diaper all day with nothing to do: 

See ya next week!!

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