Last Week...

...Daddy snuck a picture of Grace face and I sleeping on the couch:

...we had dinner at Wahoo's and dessert at the frozen yogurt bar next door:

...we met the Sebastians at Reunion Trails splash pad for some after dinner fun. All five kiddos played in the water this time. When they started getting tired, we pushed them on the swings which practically put Charley to sleep:
...Char was pooped and passed out on the way home:

...our friends, the Brundys, sent Charley and Grace the cutest little ladybug tent. They had such a blast playing in it, and Charley would squeal so loud whenever someone tried coming in with her. She loved it! (Thanks again, guys!):
...Francesca came over with a little gift for Grace and I. When we opened them, this is what we found:
Of course we said, yes! (Isaac is also one of Matt's groomsman.) I'm so excited to be a part of Matt and Frannie's special day. Matt is my cousin, and Francesca and I have been friends for years and years. We have so many fun memories with them and love them both so much! We couldn't be happier for the two of them.
...we had family movie night and watched Brave all together after dinner:
...Charley slept really well all week only waking up once during the night to eat (at least that's all I can remember. It's possible that she woke up, and I fed her without actually waking up myself. That's the benefit of co-sleeping):
...Daddy had Ramen noodles for a snack one afternoon, and Charley loved them. She tried telling me how much, and made the funniest faces while she was babbling away:

...I got my nails done again and love them! It's so difficult to decide what to do each time. I already have like five designs that I want the next five times I go. The great part about Tiffany working at Posare in Town Square is that it's near the Gap Outlet, so I can shop after my nail appointment:

...I went wedding dress shopping with Francesca, and she found the most perfect, beautiful dress! We spent practically the whole day searching and had a fun, two hour lunch reminiscing on our past adventures together. I can't wait to see her all dolled up on her big day. She's going to look so stunning! Love you, girl:
...that night, Francesca, Kasie, and I met Brittany, and Cassady at Holsteins in the Cosmo for some burgers and bamboozled shakes and then made our way to the Mandalay Beach for the Grace Potter concert. We had a lot of fun hanging out in the water and watching her rock it on stage. Love these girls:
...this monster tackled me looking for some lunch. I tried giving her a binky but couldn't find one anywhere. I know we have a million of them, so I went searching and found at least fifteen in and around her toy bins. She must just throw them down when she's done with them, and then comes to me for more. Crazy girl:
...we had pizza for dinner and Charley got to move her seat to Grace's table. Grace always wants to sit by sister, so we've had this chair from our dining room table in the kitchen. Now that Charley is a little bigger and can pretty much feed herself, she gets to sit with Grace at the big girl table:
See you next week (when Grace turns THREE!) <3

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