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Picture of the Week: Cousin Time at Grandma's

Brother's cheeks were looking extra full at work on Monday.

Perry and Grace watched movies with him before bed.

We snuggled in the La-Z-Boy after work.

He hung out in his Boppy in the pack n play, while we cooked dinner.

He held on tightly to his ball. We've been working on his coordination this week and grabbing onto his toys.

Brother was in a good mood after his morning nap at the office.

He's been holding my thumb lately as he nurses, and it might be my favorite thing ever.

He's such a big boy and likes to sit up or stand all the time now to see what's going on.

He's still the cutest little napper, though.

I especially love how he always wakes up so stinking happy.

Grace took a selfie with her jell-o.

Brother napped in the pack 'n play.

He hung out in his Moba basket outside, while the kids played with friends.

His belly was large and in charge in his rocker.

Perry wanted to hold him, and he's almost as big as her already!

We snuggled after his mid-morning snack.

He smiled in his sleep when I put him down.

Daddy keeps grabbing clothes from the wrong section of the closet for Brother, so he always dresses him in onesies that are way too big. In his defense, I did pack up the 0-3 stash and moved everything around.

This guy and his smiles melt me every time.

I also melt when he makes this grumpy face in his sleep.

And when his cheeks squish his lips out over my shoulder.

And then again when he snuggles on my chest.

I think it's safe to say that I just can't get enough of him.

He's really been liking to be swaddled tightly at bed time lately. I like it, too, because he's been sleeping 5-6 hour stretches when I put him to bed.

We went to the car wash Sunday morning, and the girls all needed snacks while we waited.

I finally got a picture of Brother's boo lip. It's so sad.

He just wanted to eat and take a nap. Baby always gets what he wants.

We went to Poppa and Grandma's to visit and see our Bridges cousins. Brother napped in Grandma's arms, while the kids played.

The girls were on cousin overload this weekend as they also got to have a sleepover at Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's with their cousins. Elisha sent me this video that had us cracking up.

While the girls were away, Brother got extra naps in and even fell asleep while Daddy was burping him.

We had a quiet Sunday evening, and it was so nice.

See ya next week!

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