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Picture of the Week: Sunday Funday at the Pool

Brother was a happy little guy after his morning nap on Monday.

He napped at work Tuesday morning in my favorite of all of his swaddle blankets.

After work, he said, "whatchu lookin' at?". He said it without words, though, because he can't talk yet.

Chase went to Kid Zone with the girls this week, and they were so excited to have him there.

Perry played Mommy and took pictures of baby brother doing tummy time.

She talked Daddy into filling up some water balloons after dinner.

She made the cutest little campfire handprint at school this week. I just love her teacher and all of the cute crafts she's been bringing home lately.

She also made a caterpillar and named him Couch - because Couch starts with a 'c'.

Brother hung out in his rock 'n play at the office.

I cooked dinner, and my bell pepper had babies in its belly.

Brother hung out in his Bumbo, while I fried up some peppers and onions for chicken fajitas.

He was a happy boy when we got to the office on Thursday.

His happy face quickly turned in to a sleepy face, and he was down for the count.

He woke up to eat a couple of hours later (1 hour and 45 minutes to be exact, because he rarely goes longer than that without eating unless it's night time).

He played in his play gym, and I'm so happy he's been loving it lately. He hated it for so long, but I think he was just overstimulated at first.

Grace continued to take selfies on her new phone.

I brought a healthy morning snack only to be sabotaged when a supplier brought in my favorite doughnuts. Never fails.

I hung out with Brother and his big ole cheeks.

He gave me some silly smiles when we were getting ready to head home for the weekend.

He was so cute hanging in his pack 'n play.

We went to the Gerfys for dinner, and Brother got to hang with his BFFs.

Perry did, too, and she and Amelia had fun being pushed around the house in the double baby doll stroller.

Grace kept up on her selfie game.

Brother napped on my chest Saturday morning.

We went to Grandma Sunshine's salon, where all of us gals got hair cuts. Perr Perr got a little trim, while the rest of us chopped our hair off.

Perry played games on her iPad, while Brother took a nap. She couldn't resist giving him kisses.

He slept for three hours, and it was about 4:00, so I couldn't decide whether or not I should wake him up for a couple of hours before bed. I didn't, and he slept for fourteen hours only waking to eat and then pass back out again. Must be going through a growth spurt.

He slept in his Moba basket Sunday morning, while Daddy replaced our kitchen faucet and garbage disposal with new ones.

Meanwhile, Perry told me all about the three babies in her tummy that are coming out tomorrow. Their names are Oliver, Riley, and Daddy.

When Daddy was finally finished (it only took him three trips to Lowe's), we headed to the pool to relax for the rest of the afternoon. Grammy and Papa Rick hopped in and swam with us, and the girls loved every second.

Brother napped in the rock 'n play until he was ready to join us in the pool.

Char brought a tool to take pictures with her phone under water, so we had fun playing with that and got some cute shots.

After a few hours in the sun, we were all exhausted and headed home for an early bed time!

That's all for this week.

See ya next time!

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