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Picture of the Week: All Smiles

Brother took a nap at work with his most festive swaddles.

Grace took selfies on her phone that made her look like a teenager.

Brother had his two month wellness check where he got his first round of shots. He wasn't happy about it, but he calmed down and fell asleep when I nursed him. Before the shots, he was all about the paper. Little guy couldn't get enough of the crinkly sounds and kept wiggling all over the place.

When we got home, he was tired, so I swaddled him and put him in the swing. This was a poor decision on my part. He slept there for three hours, and I woke him up to feed him and take him to bed. Since he was swaddled the whole time, the vaccine didn't get a chance to work its way through his leg, and he had a hard knot in his right leg. He just kept screaming even through his bath, which is so unlike him. We gave him some Tylenol, and Daddy massaged it around, and then he was fine. It was a rough thirty minutes, though. I felt so bad for him!

He was all smiles again the next morning. I can't believe I was so worried about him not smiling right at two months old. It's so easy to compare your baby to older siblings, and I was concerned about him not smiling as quickly as his big sisters. His doctor said that he was totally fine, and I should take three weeks off of his milestones, since he was born three weeks early. Luckily, this little guy has been giving us these sweet grins more and more lately, although we usually have to work for them.

He slept at the office, and I snuggled him for a few extra minutes.

He hung out in his car seat during my nail appointment, and he was not amused. This picture had me cracking up.

He watched movies with Perry in his sit-me-up.

We snuggled some more before bed.

Perry brought home some adorable Fourth of July crafts from school.

She snuggled with brother after school on Wednesday.

He hung out in the wrap, while I did some chores around the house.

Perry rode her scooter around the neighborhood, while Brother slept the whole time.

We spent The Fourth of July at the pool and watched a firework show with some of our favorite people.

Brother and I had a conversation before work on Friday morning. He's really interacting with us all a lot more lately, and it's precious.

He took a nap on my chest when we got home from work. It's my favorite thing right now, because I know how fast they outgrow this stage.

We played outside some more, and brother slept like usual.

Daddy and Perry did all of the leftover sparklers from the night before, and she was loving it.

She practiced riding her bike up and down the street and is getting pretty good at it.

Brother work up, so of course Perry had to smother him in kisses.

We went to the grocery store Saturday morning, and Perry had to get a cake pop, while I had to get coffee.

Apparently, there was a pretty big earthquake in California on the Fourth of July, but we were in the pool, so none of us felt it. There were some places around town closing and evacuating because it shook pretty good all the way here in Vegas. The next night, there was a second one, but we were outside doing sparklers and didn't feel that one either. I did look up what to do in case of an earthquake, and I found it hilarious when I came across this after texting a couple of my friends about it.

Brother and I snuggled on the couch Saturday afternoon.

He was being so silly in his DockATot when he woke up.

The girls played street hockey outside with the boys after the sun went down.

We stayed out until it was dark, while they hung out, played a hundred different versions of tag, and ran amok all over our street.

Brother just slept through it all.

Sunday morning, he slept some more and Perry held him, while the rest of us watched the USWNT win first place in the World Cup. It was so awesome, and I loved watching all of the games with my girls over the past few weeks. I'm so happy for the team, but sad for us that it's over. Carli Lloyd has been my favorite soccer player since the last World Cup, and it was awesome to see her get another one. I immediately ordered us all shirts to commemorate the occasion.

After the game was over, we headed to the park to kick the soccer ball around and play some basketball. We were quick to note that summer is finally here, and it's freaking HOT.

Back at home, we all showered and rested up for next week.

Another fun week with my babes!

See ya next week :)

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