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Picture of the Week: Back to School Shopping

The girls stayed at Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's on Sunday night for a cousin sleepover, and they all went swimming when they woke up Monday morning.

Meanwhile, baby napped at the office with Mama.

He rolled around on the floor and attempted to get his thumb in to his mouth.

Perry came home and was so excited to see her baby bro.

Tuesday morning, we had a gorgeous sunrise. Since I have to be at work at seven, and Kids' Zone doesn't open until seven, I've been taking the girls to Grandma Espejo's all summer, and she takes them to Kids' Zone on her way to work. The girls have been loving it and have had so many fun field trips. They were also happy to see some familiar friends the first week and have made new friends, too.

Brother snuggled with me after nursing.

He spit up all over me, so we both changed and continued to snuggle.

We've been swaddling him up tightly at night time, and he's sleeping so much better.

We moved to a new office, so I had Grace and Char come to work with me to help move stuff and play with the baby while I unpacked it all.

He slept in his rocker while they played on their phones.

Char took pictures of him in the car.

We went to the doctor for a quick shot since he hit the three month mark this week. We spaced out the first few and had to get him back on schedule.

I went to Felicia Saunder's Photography studio for a "Fed is Best" themed photo shoot. She took some sweet pictures of me feeding Brother, and then we took a group shot with the other moms that were feeding their babies with a bottle and a G-tube. The pictures turned out so beautiful and have gone completely viral. I've been getting all sorts of messages and tags across social media, and we were featured in articles from all over the place, including one in Spanish that was published in Spain! Felicia did such a great job and captured her vision perfectly. You go, girl!

We went to Paxton's tee ball game on Saturday morning, and Isaac had to get the kids snow cones afterwards.

We gave Brother his first bottle, and he drank about two ounces of it. We tried again Sunday, and he refused to eat from it.

He napped in his car seat, while we took the girls shopping for school supplies.

Staples had a 20% off sale on all school supplies, so we stopped there first. The girls got everything they needed and more. They had a cute photo op and some pictures for the kids to color while we checked out. This summer went crazy fast. I can't believe it's almost time for school to start up again!

I got this new regimen for my face, and I'm excited to see my results. I've always been horrible about washing my face every night, but I'm ready to get into a routine. I'll keep you updated about how it goes.

The girls always ask to go to Hash House a Go Go for breakfast, so we obliged on Sunday, and it was delicious. After they ate, everyone loved on Daddy.

I fed Brother in the car, and he passed out in my arms.

We worked on holding his toys, while he played on the floor at home.

He looked like such a big boy in the bath that night.

He got all dressed up in his shark jammies to celebrate the start of Shark Week. We've been watching Sharkfest on Nat Geo which is the week before, so the girls are all amped up and ready for Shark Week to start.

That's all for now. See ya next week!

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