Sun, Fireworks. and Cake {Happy Fourth}

The Fourth of July is always a super fun holiday for us. We usually spend it with friends and family at a pool, and then everyone meets up at our house for fireworks at night time.

This year was no different - except that we had three new baby boy BFFs that got to join in the fun. These guys are all so sweet and such good babies. They spent most of the day sleeping in their rockers together, while the rest of us splashed around in the pool.

Charley had a literal blast when Uncle Alex threw her in the air over and over again. She was loving it.

Perry and Amelia cruised around on the jet ski and thought it was hilarious to keep tipping themselves over. The kids played for hours in the sun and had the best day.

My girls were all tuckered out when we got home, and they all passed out after a quick shower.

Somehow, I managed to get them all up and dressed for fireworks.

Auntie Ashley came to hang for a bit, and we were so happy to see her.

Perry loved on Brother, as per usual.

Charley barely made it through pictures, and she was out again. Girlfriend slept on the cough through the whole night.

Meanwhile, the little kids were loving the Pop Its. They're always a hit.

The kids also loved the smoke bombs. Except for Perry, who was afraid of them.

We took our annual Fourth of July picture with the giant flag. I love these and seeing how the kids change each year.




We moved on to sparklers, and after Perry got over her initial fear, she was all about them.

We finally started the fireworks, and our neighbor had a few big ones that he did on the empty cul-de-sac near our house. It was cool to watch them explode over our little show.

These three girls spent the night watching fireworks and stuffing their faces with Jen's yummy cake! Their day couldn't have been any better.

Daddy did some sparklers with Perry and let her help light a few of the fireworks. When the other kids helped, they'd run back with excitement. Perry was just nonchalant like it wasn't a big deal at all.

These two are so close and are always making us laugh. They love to play together and fight like sisters, which is usually pretty entertaining. They also both have new baby brothers that they gush over, and I think they've really bonded over becoming big sisters at the same time.

We had a great Fourth of July with some of our favorite people. We love when we're all able to get together and celebrate. Watching all of these little ones play together and form such close bonds makes my heart melt. Especially because I love all of their parents so much :)

Happy Birthday, America!!

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