Easter Surprises

This year, Easter was a little crazy since Isaac and I spent the night before at Matt and Frannie's Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. The girls stayed at Grandma Sunshine and Papa Craig's house for the night and woke up to lots of Easter surprises. We were a little shocked when we arrived and the floor was covered with Easter toys, candy, and confetti from the funnest confetti gun that Gracie got. We didn't even have to ask, because it was obvious that they had a great time while we were gone.

The girls had fun coloring with Presley, and she and Char even shared some goldfish.

Grandma had a delicious spread of breakfast foods, but Char was only interested in the blackberries. She has such a weird palate. This kid will eat blackberries and blueberries all day long, but she can't stand strawberries. Who is this girl? I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't love strawberries (or anyone that liked to eat blueberries without the muffin to hide them in).

Lisa also had the cutest Easter flowers with Peeps inside. So adorable!

The girls hung out some more while we waited for the egg hunt to be ready outside.

(Have you even seen cuter cousins?!)

Once the eggs were all hidden, the girls got to go outside with their baskets. It was so cute watching them look around for eggs, and then realize that there was candy inside.

After our yummy breakfast and insanely cute Easter egg hunt, we decided it was time to go home. After all, we heard a rumor that the Easter Bunny left the girls some goodies at our house, too. We had Isaac's car, so they got to sit next to each other and were so excited about it. Grace kept saying, "we should keep it this way forever" and trying to hold Charley's hand. Soon enough, they were both down for the count and napped the whole way home.

Char continued her nap at home, and Grace was so bummed because she spotted some eggs in the back yard, and we made her wait for Charley before she could go find them.

In the meantime, she watched The Nut Job, a new movie that the Easter Bunny brought in her basket. She made sure to line up her new puppies and Peeps to watch with her.

Grace watched the whole movie, colored with her new markers and Tinkerbell coloring book, and couldn't wait any longer. After a three hour nap, I let her wake Charley up to check out their Easter surprises. Charley was so excited, because the Easter Bunny brought her a new Minnie Mouse potty and some Elmo panties. She's been wearing panties to school every day and doing great, so I figured she deserved to upgrade from the training panties.

After they went through their baskets, the girls ran to the back door to begin another Easter egg hunt.

It was already getting pretty late, so we headed over to my mom's house since she had an Easter gift for the girls, too. (They had already gotten them from the other grandparents earlier in the week...spoiled kids!) She got them the cutest dresses with matching jewelry, sunglasses, and hats and some bubbles. Charley insisted on trying those out immediately.

Mom's friend, Michelle, made the girls the most adorable treats and bunny ears, too. We had to try them on right away.

(Thanks, Michelle! These were seriously too cute!!)

When we got back home, the Sebastian boys were outside. Obviously, we had to stay out to play with them (Grace wouldn't have it any other way). They had some fun squirt guns, so the kids started getting a little wet.

Shelly brought out the water balloons, and then it was really on. Noah and Gracie conspired over their attack to soak his Uncle Austin. Charley and JJ watched them all get filled up, and Char made sure to tell him not to touch once she got over her fear of them.

The girls had such a fun Easter. Special thanks to Grandma Sunshine and Papa Craig for keeping them Saturday night. They had such a blast, and Grace is still telling me all about her tattoos and her amazing fort. I don't think we could have packed any more into this awesome weekend!

Happy Easter!!

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