Charley was in Heaven

I still don't really feel like Char is two-years-old. I feel like she'll always be a baby to me.

As I'm sure you've all noticed, we've been a little busy since this year started. We're still going strong until the end of May when we can finally take a breather. (Just so you know, we aren't doing anything after June 1st for quite some time.) Because of our busy calendar, we couldn't find time to fit a birthday party in for Charley this year (sorry, sweet thang!). We planned a dinner for all of our family on her actual birthday at her most favorite restaurant, Lucille's, instead.

We started the morning off with Birthday Cake Pops on the way to school. I couldn't resist. I also took some cookies, so her class could sing 'Happy Birthday' and have a sweet snack after nap time.

After school, we headed to the District for dinner. When we got there, the girls saw Presley, they all grabbed hands, and we went off to play while we waited for our table.

(Crazy girls!!)

As everyone started arriving, Charley got so excited. She was so happy to have all (well, most) of her favorite people all in one place at the same time.

As soon as she saw Jakson, she yelled, "I hode (hold) it!". She is so fascinated by him, and loves staring at him. It's the cutest thing ever. She wasn't happy to give him up, but Isaac got a turn loving on him, as well.

As soon as the food came, Charley was in heaven. She's crazy about biscuits with apple butter and macaroni and cheese from barbecue joints (who isn't?).

We all hung out enjoying each other's company and watching the kiddos have fun. 

Soon, it was time for the birthday girl to blow out her candles. She was so sweet watching us all sing 'Happy Birthday' to her and making a wish.

Before we knew it, it had gotten pretty late We all said our good-byes and headed home for bed. We planned to open Char's presents the next day, but once we got home, she was all about it. She started with the ones that had Toy Story wrapping paper, obvi.

I tried getting her to open more presents, but she only wanted her new Toy Story friends.

While Uncle Elijah was opening them for her, I got her to open some from Grandma Sunshine and Aunt Susie. She loves girly things like chapstick and nail polish, and Aunt Susie really hit it out of the park with this cute little jewelry box with the dancing ballerina. Char was mesmerized.

She fed her new baby doll, because she's the best little baby mama.

She kept singing 'Happy Birthday' to herself as she was opening presents, so I made her sit down to get it on camera. Then she went right back to playing with her new Toy Story friends.

She made Woody and Buzz hug and kiss, and she helped Woody ride his horse, Bullseye.

Charley had such a fun birthday. Thank you all for coming to celebrate with our baby girl and for once again spoiling her rotten. Really though, look at all of the adorable new outfits baby doll got for the summer!

We just love her so much and can't wait to head to Disneyland in a couple of weeks to celebrate even more!

Happy Second Birthday, Chawwee!!

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