Easter Egg-stravaganza

Every year, we spend the weekend before Easter dying Easter Eggs. It's one of our favorite traditions, because it's so fun for the girls. This year, we decided to hook up with the Sebastians so the kids could all do them together. They had so much fun!

We came across an article about dying eggs with shaving cream and food coloring. It looked like it'd be such a blast. What kid doesn't like making a mess with something as fun as shaving cream (Charley)? I had also already picked up a neon tie dye kit, and Gracie picked out a Ninja Turtle egg dying kit. We brought those over, as well. The more the merrier, right?

After a fun morning, we met up at their house and started boiling the eggs to get them ready. The kids played outside, blew bubbles, and Gracie helped Shelly make the cutest little chick cupcakes.

Once the eggs were ready to go, we set up in the garage due to some random wind that kept gusting up in the back yard. The kids were so egg-cited to dig in and get going. We showed them what to do, and it didn't take long before they were dying the eggs on their own.

Poor J.J. got a mouthful of shaving cream. It did totally look like whipped cream. We decided that next year, we'll use that instead.

Right around the time we were finishing up, the ice cream man happened to drive down our street. We seem to be spotting him all over the place lately, and I never have any cash on me. I made sure to keep some in my wallet for the next time we saw home, so we couldn't resist this time around.

After the sugar rush came the crash, and we were all ready for a good nap. We had such a fun time dying eggs with our besties and can't wait for Easter next weekend!

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