Welcome to Las Vegas!

Last weekend was Francesca's bachelorette party. I dropped Isaac off with the boys, since it was also Matt's bachelor party, and picked Frannie up to go get our make-up done at Mac. I also grabbed some fun "bachelorette" decorations for the hotel room.

I had booked a small suite at The Hotel (part of Mandalay Bay). When we went to check in, the guy made a weird remark that made it sound like maybe they had overbooked the rooms. I instantly told him to give us an upgrade. He showed us the book of suites available at both hotels and proceeded to tell us that we were getting the largest suite they had on the penthouse level. We were so stoked and couldn't wait to get up there to check it out (thanks, Stripper Steve)!

The room was totally awesome with two large bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, bar, dining room, and movie room complete with u-shaped couch and ginormous TV. The whole back wall was full of large windows that overlooked the airport runways. When we got up there, we instantly kicked off our shoes and began throwing open the curtains and jumping on the beds.

We didn't have much time to get crazy, because we all still had to get our hair done and dinner was in an hour. Luckily, we all got ready in record time. Some of the other ladies met up with us in the room, and we had a couple of drinks before heading down to the House of Blues.

(Elevator Selfie!)

Once we were seated at dinner, a round of shots was in order. We also ordered some yummy blue drinks and made sure to being our super special bachelorette straws.

After dinner, we hopped on the Tijuana Trolley. We hooked up my iPhone with the best playlist ever and danced our booties off on our way to the Rio.

(Just hanging out of the emergency exit...no biggie!)

At the Rio, we checked in to get Frannie's Bachelorette tiara, sash, and a feather boa for everyone in the party. Then it was on to Chippendale's where we had more fun dancing.

When the show was over, we made our way back to the trolley and headed towards the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign. We took some fun pictures before heading back to Mandalay Bay.

Back at the hotel, we all went to Mix Lounge (at different times).

At some point, we all ended up in the room to sleep. The next morning when the boys joined us, things got a little rowdy. Apparently, they hadn't slept, were still drinking, and shaved Isaac's head some time early that morning.

It happened to be Easter, so Isaac and I had to leave after a while to go get the girls. We both had such a great time at our respective parties. I don't think we could have had any more fun!

Next up...the wedding! Ahhhh!!

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