My Best Friend's Wedding

Last Thursday night was Matt and Frannie's rehearsal dinner. The day had finally come for them to get hitched after all the hard work and planning. We met at the venue, practiced our walks down the aisle, and partied at Lindo Michoacan before heading back to our hotel for the night. We watched Bridesmaids, laughed a lot, and talked about our excitement for Frannie's big day.

The next morning came quickly, and we made a much needed Starbucks run downstairs before our team of nail, hair, and make-up gurus showed up to help get us all ready for the big day.

(Gracie even got to get her nails painted!)

We drank mimosas and took turns being pampered. Gracie was such a doll and played with her awesome new toys from Carole before taking a three hour nap! We seriously had to wake her up to put her dress on, so we could leave.

Once we were all ready, it was time for Frannie to open her gift from Matt. She starting crying at just the thought of opening it, because she knew he wrote something sweet in there. She and Matt are such emotional people, so you can't help but to be extra emotional around them. The lucky girl got the prettiest pearl bracelet and earrings to wear with her gorgeous dress. 

Her mom helped her put them on, and it was a group effort to corset up the back of her dress. The photographer got to work getting great shots of Frannie being her stunning self. We all just kind of stood around staring at her in awe!

After pictures, the limo came to pick us up. At this point, Frannie and I both started to get a bit nervous - her for her big walk down the aisle, and me for my speech (it was my first one, and I'm not good at talking to large crowds). We enjoyed our limo ride while Grace danced and got so excited that she didn't have to wear a seat belt.

Meanwhile, the boys were having some fun of their own. They started at Matt's house and rode the Tijuana Trolley to the wedding venue (see all about the infamous trolley here).

Once we arrived at the venue, we went up to the bridal suite for more mimosas. I kept refreshing Frannie's and mine, because they totally helped with the nerves. We added her beautiful hair clip, and I headed downstairs to make sure the guys were ready to go.

Matt gave me the rings, so I brought them and the cutest little ring bearer back up with me. The flowers had also arrived, so we added Fran's Lola doggy clip to her bouquet. Amanda, one of the bridesmaids, got it for her for the bridal shower so Lola could be with them on their wedding day. So sweet!!

Just as we were getting ready to head downstairs to start the ceremony, Grace found the red lipstick. Luckily, it came off easily.

Finally, it was time. Here we go....

The ceremony was magical. I had the best spot in the house standing next Francesca. Matt said his vows so intently, like truer words were never spoken. I only cried like fourteen different times.

Finally...the new Mr. and Mrs. Gerfy!!

I went with the bride and groom to help Frannie with her dress while they took some more pictures. We got to see a couple of them, and they were so gorgeous.

(I especially love this one!)

When we got back inside and took our seats, the DJ played this sweet slideshow that Suzette and I made. 

Next up were the speeches. Chris and I were both so nervous, but we made it through them with ease.

The rest of the night was filled with first dances, cake cutting, and bouquet and garter tosses. Everything was so beautiful! 

(Charley and Presley got the dance floor warmed up for Matt and Frannie.)

Once the cake was cut, the real partying began. Everyone had a blast on the dance floor, chatting, laughing, and getting a little wild in the photo booth. Gracie even got on the floor to do the wobble with us.

(Such studly boys!)

Everyone had such a blast. The ceremony was perfect, the reception was amazing, and you couldn't have asked for more than the fun we all had together. We are so happy for two of our best friends and wish them nothing but the best as they start their new life together as one. I know that they are going to have such a blessed marriage, because they are some of the best people you'll ever meet. They are perfect for one another, and we can't wait to spend the next few years watching their family grow!

We love you both so much!!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Gerfy!

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