Last Week...

...we had Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, but mainly I took these pictures to show off Char's new bangs that I had to cut. Her hair was just hanging in her poor little eyes all the time, and she couldn't see. They look super cute with her little pigtails.

..we played in the back yard and made a plan for our annual spring planting day next week.

...Char still wasn't feeling 100%, and she and Gracie cuddled on the couch before bath time. I had to put Vaseline on her nose, because it was so dry and chapped, hence the shiny face.

...Charley found Gracie's old Woody pajamas and insisted on wearing them to bed.

...the girls had an Easter bonnet parade at school.

...Gracie practiced writing her name. She is getting pretty good and can do the G-r-a easily. We're still working on that c-e part.

...the girls got lots of Easter goodies at Poppa and Grandma's house, and Poppa Allen even stopped by with Easter baskets for each of them. Grace got all kinds of Rapunzel goodies, and Charley's was Sofia the First themed. They loved them - especially the princess lip gloss and nail polish.

...when we got home, Gracie painted Charley's nails for her, and they were so cute.

...I tried relaxing in a bath that night (while catching up on my current Netflix obsession, The Walking Dead). This is what always seems to happen within seconds of me getting in the bath.

...Grace spent Saturday morning making up songs and singing them in the bedroom (yep, in her underwear).

...Charley napped early Saturday morning, even though she just woke up.

...the girls went to Grandma Sunshine and Papa Craig's house, and they all went to the spring festival at Tivoli Village. The girls had such a blast!

(This one is my fav. Grandma made them fold their arms, because they kept sticking their fingers in the animals' cages.)

When they got home, Papa Craig built them the coolest fort ever, and they hung out in there for the rest of the night.

...Isaac and I spent Saturday night with our besties at their Bachelor/Bachelorette parties.

...we spent Easter Sunday having fun with the girls.

See you next week <3

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