Last Week...

...when Grandma Sunshine was over the week before, Charley got into her old baby jumper and started crying immediately. When we went outside to get her, there were some paper wasps flying around. Thank God she got out without getting stung, but after checking it out, we discovered a wasps' nest underneath the jumper (like up inside one of the toy attachments). So scary! Daddy came to the rescue and killed them all, but I couldn't get over how insanely cool their nest looked. Apparently it's made out of their saliva and dirt, and it's amazing how it just hangs there. So crazy! It totally freaks me out to look at these pictures, though, because you can see the baby wasps inside getting ready to multiply into a million. Ahhhh! Glad we found it when it was still semi-small.

...Tuesday, I woke up with a migraine and couldn't make it through a full day at work. Since Auntie Elisha was watching the girls, I picked them up from her house and they hung out at home with me. They were so good all day playing quietly and letting me rest. At one point, they were arguing over where the blanket would go on the fort they were building, and Gracie let it go sending Char flying into the doorjamb. She got a nice little goose egg, but was otherwise just fine. She napped with me while Grace continued to be the quietest four year old ever. 

...Char kept saying she had a headache, too, and just had to use my cold pack on her head. This thing is the ONLY thing that helps with the pain of a migraine. I also use Advil and Peppermint Oil, but they won't work on their own. Even after the coldness wears off, just the pressure of having the rice pack laying on my temple helps to ease the throbbing. 

...Daddy went to the store to get stuff for dinner and brought home some powdered donuts. Why does he do this to me?


...the girls laid in bed watching movies on their iPad, so I could go to bed early.

...Wednesday morning, one of our suppliers brought us all Starbucks, and I couldn't have been more grateful, since I still had my migraine and the caffeine helped get rid of it! Thanks, American Eagle :)

...Grace was her goofy self after school. The girls just love this dress up storage case and especially the mirror on the side. 

...I went to wake the girls up for school on Thursday and found them sleeping like this. My little snuggle bug, Char!

...Grace asked me to take a picture of her and send it to her school??

...we met Uncle Zac, Auntie Stef, and Presley at the water park after school for some cousin time. The girls had a blast running around and getting soaking wet, climbing on the rock wall, and playing on the playground. It just melts my heart to see these three playing together.

...Char looked out her bedroom window before bath shower time. The last couple of weeks, the girls have started taking a shower instead of a bath at night. Grace can now wash her own hair and even helps Char wash up. I can't believe these girls are getting big enough to take care of themselves. It's so cute to hear Grace telling Char to rinse off and helping her lotion up before they put their jammies on.

...we stopped to get Purple Penguin snowcones after school on Friday, and the girls waited patiently for them to make their favorite flavors: blue raspberry and watermelon.

...Daddy came home, and they all hung out together.

...the Unertls came over for dinner, and Jakson got kisses from the girls.

...Char fell asleep in her old sleeper that we brought down for Jakson to sleep in.

...since Gracie slept at the bottom of the bed that night, Toodles decided to steal her spot on the pillow.

...Saturday, we spent the entire day/night at Green Valley Ranch with our friends to celebrate Matt's 30th Birthday! We had such a blast hanging in the pool all day and even more fun dancing the night away.

Happy Birthday to one of our favorite people! We love you, Matt!!

...meanwhile, Grammy and Papa Rick took the girls to see Planes: Fire and Rescue 3D and went swimming afterwards. They had so much fun!

...Sunday morning, we picked the kiddos up and headed to the Coffee Cup for breakfast. They love playing with Zoltar while we wait for our table.

...Char and I took a nap when we got home. I was just so exhausted from the night before. It gets harder and harder to recover from a great night out as I get older.

...Grace and I took silly selfies while Char continued her extra long mid-morning nap.

...Gracie and Toodles played games on Daddy's phone while Charley used a bra to pretend she was Spiderman. Totally had us cracking up!

...they snacked on Mighty Mini popsicles and "cheers'd" between bites.

...the girls crashed early and snuggled up in bed together.

See you next week :)

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