Last Week...

...Charley got the cutest new flamingo shirt, so I had to get a picture of it before she destroyed it at school. She usually comes home with her hair all a mess, paint/lunch on her clothes, and a huge smile on her face. She just loves her teacher, and I love knowing that she's having a blast at school every day.

...she goofed off in bed that night.

...after bath time, Gracie brushed, flossed, and gargled with mouthwash all by herself. She's getting so big!

...Toodles waited patiently for Gracie to come to bed.

...Char passed out while waiting for sister, too.

...Charley made herself into a peacock at school.

...Toodles continued to sleep by Gracie at night time. They are just so cute together.

...Char had water day on Wednesday and the girls looked adorable in their neon.

...Gracie helped pick out Char's pajamas and brush her hair before bed time.

...Charley gave me the saddest pout when it was Gracie's turn to pick the movie of the night. Usually, she just goes with the flow, so this isn't normal for her.

...since the girls' school was closed for the Fourth of July, they celebrated on Thursday with paint, parades, and silly hats.

...Auntie Allison brought over some stuff to make homemade play-doh for the girls. They loved it, and had a blast making shapes (and a giant mess).

...their bedding for their new room came in, and obviously they were more interested in the big box.

...we went to sushi with Allison, and Gracie insisted on wearing her Minnie ears.

...we had Thrifty's ice cream for dessert, and Charley got her usual fav, cotton candy.

...the neighbor kids all lit snakes and watched them grow in awe.

...Gracie snuggled with Toodles, as per usual.

...I got the cutest frame to show off some of our beach pictures. I am obsessed with this and love seeing it in the hallway each day.

...we celebrated the Fourth of July with our awesome neighbors/besties at the Westin and lighting fireworks in the street.

...we had plans to start on the chair rail in the girls' room, so Nick and Noah came over to help Isaac out. The kids pretty much destroyed their play room, and I had so much fun cleaning it up the next day.

...Toodles napped on the couch while watching the kids play outside.

...Charley napped while we continued to work on the chair rail.

...the girls snacked on anything and everything while Isaac and I taped off the room to start painting.

...we made a quick stop for dinner at McDonald's. Charley has this thing about cheese. She'll order a quesadilla, grilled cheese, or cheeseburger, and then pull it apart to only eat the cheese out of the middle. She was not happy when doing this to her cheeseburger resulted in quite a mess in her car seat.

...the girls hung out with their iPads while we stayed up late painting.

...they both passed out on the couch when they grew tired of that.

...Sunday morning, we had to run to Sherwin Williams for some touch up paint, and the girls were being silly while we waited for them to mix it up. Char is such a nut sometimes, that we dubbed her alter ego "Rita". When she's being crazy, I'll ask her if she is Charley or Rita, and she responds with, "uhh...Charley-Rita".

...once we were finally done painting, the girls ran around their room screaming things like, "It's so beautiful!" and "This is the best day ever!". Definitely made all the hard work worth it. (I'll give you a better look at the completed room soon...not quite finished with the decor just yet.)

...the girls spent their first night in their new room and got to enjoy a lightning show before snuggling up together to sleep.

That's all for now! See you next week :)

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