Last Week...

Once again, I forgot to include the previous week's videos on that post. I am constantly multi-tasking, and it's getting harder and harder to keep my brain on track. I frequently find myself in the middle of something, only to stop and ask, "what was I just doing?".

...Jakson sent us the sweetest video to tell us that he misses us (and to tell us about how strong he is!).

...Grace asked if she could make a video. Obviously, Charley wanted to be a part of it, because she does anything and everything Gracie does nowadays. These two crack me up!

So anyways, now that we got that out of the way. Here's what really happened last week...

...we had dinner at Five Guys (because they opened one closer to us, yay!), and the girls were so happy!

...Grace drew me the sweetest picture of our family that is now hanging proudly on our wall.

...we had an ice cream social in Charley's class on Tuesday afternoon and had so much fun with all of her little friends and the best teacher ever, Miss Tara.

...I started coming down with a slight cold, so Isaac made me my most favorite dinner (husband bonus points!), and then Charley snuggled in bed with me.

...we wore our Kentucky Wildcat shirts from Aunt Helen (thank you!!), and Isaac couldn't help but see a preview of the girls' future college days.

...Grace was her sassy self.

...we spent the weekend with my family at the cabin and had a great time.

...Toodles really missed us and was all cuddles when we got home. was crazy windy outside, so the girls flew their kite all over the neighborhood. One side of the street was sunny and the other was rainy.

...we waited in the car for Daddy to come with us to grab dinner.

...after bath time, the girls wanted to check out the lightning and thunder, so we sat outside for a bit. got super loud, so we went to get Daddy, and when we came back out, it was pouring.

...the neighbors saw us outside, so they came out, too. Only we were just heading in. The girls watched from the window and begged and begged to go back out with their friends.

...of course I gave in, but I made them stay out of the water since they were all ready for bed. That didn't last too long. Who am I to keep them from a summer thunderstorm? Moments like these don't happen near enough out here, so we have to take what we can get. It obviously ended with a second bath before the girls went to bed.

(Doing a rain dance!)

...the girls were reallllly pooped after that and slept sideways in bed with their kitty.

Such a fun week! See you next time :)

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