Explore More {A Weekend at the Cabin}

July 25-26th was the Duck Creek Days festival up in Utah. We try to go every year (mainly for the awesome quilts, because my kids definitely do not have eighteen hundred blankets already at home). This year was no exception, so we got off work at noon, grabbed the girls, and headed up the mountain. Char slept most of the way, while Gracie watched movies and hung out with her pets that have been going everywhere we go for the past few weeks.

Daddy rolled down the windows when we got close to the cabin, and the girls loved the fresh mountain air along with the crazy beautiful views all around us.

When we got to the cabin, we took our stuff down to the bunk room, and the first thing the girls wanted to do was climb up the ladders.

Once they realized that they were just normal beds up there, we were able to go outside. We made our way down to the pond where we skipped rocks. Well, some of us did, anyways. The others just threw them in to see how big of a splash they could make.

We played pinball, pool, and poker in the game room that night after a delicious prime rib dinner with Grandma Beth and Aunt Laura. Then, it was time for bed.

The next morning, Char woke up ready to get going.

The girls watched some deer drink water out of the pond down below while we waited for everyone to get ready.

Of course, Charley fell asleep in the car on the way to Duck Creek. Auntie Allison carried her around for a few minutes until she woke up.

We walked around for a few minutes until we found the face painting booth. Grace couldn't wait to get a unicorn on her arm, but Char was a little too scared. She ended up getting some balloons, but only because she got to sit on my lap while they did it.

The rain started moving in, and it cooled down quite a bit. I hadn't even thought to bring jackets or sweaters for the girls. Good thing they had lots of cute quilts to choose from.

Char and I went down the big bouncy slide, but Gracie was too terrified of it.

As the rain came down harder, we made our way back to the car. We made sure to stop for Navajo Tacos and Deep Fried Oreos first, though.

The girls scored some adorable, super soft, new blankies. Thanks for the chevron one, mom!

Back at the cabin, the kids colored princess pictures while we made lunch.

Then Charley went down for a nap, so Gracie and I explored some more outside while the guys played horseshoes.

When Charley woke up, Papa took the girls on a ride to see the horses while the rest of us took turns trying out Isaac's gun. It was surprisingly easy to shoot and had almost no recoil at all. It was probably the loudest sound I've ever heard, though.

While dinner cooked, we all hung out in the yard. The girls had fun dancing and goofing off with Chase, while the guys went from horseshoes to corn hole.

Grace got super tired all of the sudden, and went inside to nap with Grammy.

It was nice that the girls napped at different times, because I got a couple of hours to play with each of them separately for a change.

Char had us all laughing when she would throw the bean bags down really hard, shoot them a couple of times, and then throw them through the hole. She did this over and over and over until the guys made her stop so they could play.

Char just danced all over the place instead. She was literally running circles around Chase, which he just thought was the funnest thing ever.

We decided that it was time for s'mores, so Isaac helped Chase and Char master the art of roasting marshmallows.

We got everyone outside to hang out around the fire and snack on the best treats ever invented.

When it was time for bed, we realized that we forgot to go check out the fairies that day. We went out on the porch to try to see them, and sure enough, there were two hanging out by their castle. Charley just kept calling them Tinkerbell.

The next morning, the girls played in the front, while Daddy moved some furniture around and got us all packed up to leave. They were so silly with their flowers. I kept telling Grace to leave her dress alone, but she insisted on a picture holding it out to the side.

Just before we left, we found a snake in the back. It was the first one anyone has seen up here since the cabin was built. Although it was small, it was still terrifying. Especially for Grace. Since we didn't know what kind it was, Isaac killed it just in case it was dangerous. 

We took a quick family picture, and the girls and I went to check on the fairy castle before leaving.

We had to stop by Navajo Lake on the way home, because it's one of the prettiest places I've ever seen. I think the girls could have sat there all day long in the serenity of it all.

Then, of course, the whole family slept while I drove home.

We had a great time at the cabin and can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks. 
Thanks for having us!!

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