Last Week...

...I ordered the girls these sweet animal hats for when we're playing outside in the winter, and they came in on Monday. The girls (with the exception of Perry) were so excited and wore them around the house all night.

...Perry continues to be the sweetest sleeper in her DockATot.

...she's also the sweetest baby when she's awake and is always giving us these huge gummy grins at work. I just love her squishy little hand dimples.

...I took Perry with me to pick Noah, Easton, and Gracie up from school on Tuesday. We parked and walked up to the gates with two minutes to spare. I thought I felt something wet, and sure enough, this little stinker blew out her diaper. We just had to go with it until we got home, because ain't nobody got time for that!

...Gracie and the boys shared some almonds, while we drove home.

...after we dropped them off, we went to pick up Charley. Grace sang to herself while she waited in the car. (Also, Perry is hilarious.)

...Perry got a diaper (and a wardrobe) change, and snacked on a banana in her mesh feeder. This girl is not fond of pureed baby food, but she loves her some nanners in this thing.

...she napped at the office in her favorite romper with her favorite blanky.

...she turned twenty-four weeks old, and it's getting harder and harder to get the perfect picture of her. She's getting more mobile and wants everything, even her toes, in her mouth.

...she looked extra squishy while I was getting ready for work Thursday morning.

...we finally went for the June and January hoodie jumper, and Perry loved it. She usually cries on the way home from soccer practice, because seven is her bed time. We put the hood on, and she smiled the whole way home and didn't make a peep. She also looked adorable, so I think we might be needing a few more colors.

...she wore her Resting Witch Face onesie and gave me some of the most perfect looks to go with it. Gracie crashed our photo shoot and wanted to take some pictures with baby sister, too.

(Silly girl!)

...Grace had to decorate a pumpkin like her favorite book character for school. She picked Farmer Duck, and we made the cutest pumpkin for her to turn in. I took a picture of her with it before school, and Charley wanted a picture with it, too.

...Char painted pumpkins at school, and she wanted a rainbow one, Unfortunately, she learned that when you mix all the colors, you just get brown. She still thought it was beautiful and loved showing it off when I picked her up.

...we headed to the harvest festival at Grace's school Friday night. The girls had a blast playing the games and running all over the place with their friends. 

...Daddy was helping the Gerfys move that night, so the girls all snuggled up in my bed when we got home.

...we spent Saturday at Staheli Family Farm having the best time.

...Sunday was for football and relaxing. Perry played with her toys downstairs, while we cleaned the house early to get it over with.

...watching us clean made her pretty sleepy, and she napped in my arms while the Titans played.

...we tried feeding her apples that night, but she couldn't quite figure out how to keep them in her mouth.

We had such a fun week. See you next time!

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