Brick or Treating

We already had fun at the zoo and spent an afternoon on the beach, but we weren't done yet. Saturday was all about Brick or Treating in Legoland. We brought costumes but left them in the car to enjoy some rides during the day, with plans to change in the car before dark.

None of us had ever been to Legoland, so this was a fun, new thing for us all.

There were Lego characters hanging out all over the park, and a lot of the rides were geared towards younger kids, so the girls were loving it.

We started on this airplane ride, Cargo Ace, because it was one of the ones Chase was tall enough for. It swung us around pretty quick on the corners, and the girls had a blast.

Meanwhile, Perry hung out (literally) with Daddy. We got her this hat at the zoo on Thursday, and it made itself useful all weekend.

The girls went on the Beetle Bounce next, and those smiles say everything. They giggled the entire time.

Daddy took the girls on the Lost Kingdom Adventure, while Perry and I hung out in the shade.

Then we hit up the Dune Raider slides. It was too hot for the big, open ones, so the girls just went down the tube slides a few times.

On our way to Castle Hill, we passed this giant ghost.

Grace took a picture in this Lego knight costume, and then she lifted Charley up, so she could take a picture, too. Best big sister award, right there.

We waited in line for the Royal Joust, where the girls rode horses through the forest.

After their horseback riding adventure, we met up with Grammy and the Randalls again. They had a cute witch back drop, so of course, we had to take some pictures.

There were cute Lego decorations at every turn.

On the way to Pirate Shores, we saw the prettiest wall made out of vines.

We rode the Splash Battle and got pretty soaked.

We walked around to dry off and ended up back in Castle Hill where we ate lunch at Knights' Smokehouse BBQ. After we were all refueled, we headed over to Fun Town where we saw The Mummy Lego. After the girls high-fived him, they walked around with their hands in the shape of a 'c' like his, laughing along the way.

We stopped for a diaper change, because for the second time that day, Perry blew hers out all over her clothes. Good thing our diaper bag can carry a lot, and we had three outfits in there!

Daddy and Grace raced Geni, Charley, and Chase at the Police and Fire Academy.

Charley napped through lunch, so she snacked on some fruit afterwards.

We headed over to Heartlake City. The girls were waiting for this one all day. 

We did Mia's Riding Camp first, while Chase played in the Heartlake Stables.

The girls saw the Lego Friends dancing on stage and couldn't take their eyes off of them. They sometimes watch them on their iPads, and Charley yelled, "They're really real!".

After the ride, we went down to watch them. As you can imagine, Grace and Char were thrilled when "the purple one" came down and high-fived them.

We saw some more Lego Halloween decorations and went in a few shops.

The girls found some princess dresses that they liked, so we ended up just letting them wear those instead of getting their costumes from the car. Gracie loved hers, but Charley was obsessed. (Look at her poses in the rest of the pictures.)

Daddy posed for a picture with the girls in the Castle Lock Up.

We saw the cutest scarecrow.

Brick or Treating started, and the girls lined up to get some candy in their bags,

We walked back to Fun Town for some more rides and watched the Monster Fighter Mash.

My favorite was watching the girls drive around in the little town Driving School. Grace did so well, and Charley cracked me up driving around like a little puff ball in her dress.

She thought she was a real princess for the night.

We did some more trick or treating.

The kids played in the playground are of Heartlake City, and met the coolest scarecrow on stilts.

We rode on Fairy Tale Brook and got to see all of our favorite story tale characters in Lego form. Perry slept the entire boat ride and didn't make a peep.

After the ride, we made one last stop in Heartlake City where the girls posed with the ponies.

We passed some creepy spider decorations on the way out.

We had such a long day, and the girls loved every second. I think Isaac and I are more suited for Disneyland, though. Legoland felt a little unorganized, and we walked around in circles a million times not really doing much. The kids had so much fun on the rides, loved Brick or Treating, and they were so excited to spend the whole day playing with Chase. On the way home, they said it was "the best day ever!". In my book, that's a win!

See you later, Legoland. (But probably not.) #teamdisney

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