Staheli Farm {2016}

Every October, we spend a day in Washington, Utah at Staheli Farm. It's one of our favorite fall traditions and spending the day with the Sebastians makes it even more fun. We left the house as soon as we were all ready, and got to the farm around noon, just as it was opening.

The weather was beautiful, and the kids couldn't wait to get inside.

The farm was all decorated in a Charley Brown theme this year, which Char loved! They had tons of cute photo ops set up all over the place.

The girls headed straight for the rubber duck races. Those are always a favorite, and they loved pumping the water to see whose ducky would swim the fastest.

When they were done with the duckies, they moved on to the corn slide.

We tried putting Perry in the corn, and she just closed her eyes like she was going to sleep.

Grace and Char rode on the teeter totter and giggled the whole time.

Then we headed over the see the animals and the girls loved petting their soft coats.

We were quickly distracted by the pillow top jumper, and the girls went crazy bouncing all over the place. It has the best backdrop with the beautiful Utah mountains.

Perry was getting a little warm and kept reaching for Daddy's water, so he let her have a sip.

This girl is teething, and her fingers are always in her mouth accompanied by drool all over her clothes.

Char Char put her shoes back on so we could head over to the big slides. I just couldn't get over how big and grown up she looked in her overalls and boots.

These goats kept chewing like they had bubble gum in their mouths and were talking to us the whole afternoon.

Leave it to Grace to go down the slide on her belly and get up with dirt all over her dress. She had a blast, though, so I didn't even mind it.

Daddy helped the girls try to hit the High Striker. They couldn't make it up very far, but Daddy sure did, and the girls were amazed.

Next up was the rope swings. It didn't last very long, because Charley spotted this cow that was set up for the kids to milk.

It was the cutest thing, and Charley was obsessed. We spent a good half an hour over there.

I tried distracting her with this giant minion, but she went right back to milking the cow.

We hit up some more slides and the girls tried the zip line. It went so fast, and they loved it!

Finally, the Sebastians arrived. We got our annual picture in the giant chair and went to watch the pig races.

The kids wanted to ride the zip lines some more, so we walked that way and stopped for some sweet group pictures.

The kiddos waited in line, while I took JJ on the slides.

They were so cute hanging on and riding them back and forth.

The girls wanted to ride the cow train, so they hopped on and rode around the farm.

We made our way to the pumpkin patch and got the sweetest pictures of the girls.

Of course, Perry had a blow out, so I changed her in the grass and put a dry shirt on her. She looked so sweet in that avocado color. It's definitely one of my favs.

The girls talked us into ice cream cones in return for cute pictures.

Perry wasn't happy until she realized her sisters had her. She'd do anything for them.

The girls rode the tire horses around for a bit.

Grace spotted this wheelbarrow and said, "let's pretend like we're working hard".

Then it was back to the bouncer. These kids were hilarious jumping and running all over the place.

We tried riding the ponies earlier, but they were taking a break. When the girls spotted them, we had to go over there.

We spent some time relaxing and hanging in the shade.

The kids did some mining and found some pretty cool rocks in their buckets.

We were finally ready to head home, but not before the girls climbed up on the pink tractors. They kept asking to take pictures in different places. They were totally trying to stall us from leaving.

As usual, we had the best time at the farm. They always have the funnest stuff for the kids to do with new activities added every year. We are always looking forward to this day trip, and I already can't wait to head back next fall. I highly recommend it if you've never been!

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