The Best Cheeks {Five Months}

My little Perr Bear is FIVE months old today. I feel like she has been a part of our family forever. Looking back at her first pictures, I have already forgotten her being that small. Why does it have to go so fast?

Perry is spunky, and Daddy is always saying that he thinks she is going to be funny when she's bigger. She's always smiling and now squeals with excitement when you make eye contact with her and especially when you talk to her.

This month, Perr is twenty-six inches long and weighs fourteen pounds, five ounces. Although she's got some of the best cheeks I've seen, baby is a little peanut. She's almost four whole pounds less than Grace was at this age and a few ounces less than Char. She is also an inch longer than Char was, though that's hard to believe. We must have just finished a growth spurt, because she's in the 30th percentile for weight and the seventy-fifth for height.

Baby girl is wearing size 3-6 month clothes and size one shoes. I've started buying size twos so that she can wear them through the fall/winter, since her toes are nearing the top of her size ones. She's still in size two diapers, but her recent, frequent blowouts are making us think we need to size up on the next box.

Perr is eating every two to three hours during the day for about three to four minutes at a time. She's already got that low calorie, more frequent meals diet down. Every night, around seven o'clock, Perry gets a bath, nurses, and goes to bed. If you haven't gotten her in the bath by seven, fuhgeddaboudit. She starts to get antsy fifteen minutes beforehand and loves to soak in the bath. She has two little terry cloth toys that she loves to chomp on while we wash her up. After her bath, we lotion her up, swaddle her in one of her favorite bamboo muslin blankies, and she nurses on both sides for less than ten minutes total. Then I put her in her DockATot with her binky, and she moves around like a puppy would trying to get cozy in its bed. She's usually out within two minutes.

While she's in the DockATot at night time, Perry hangs out in her rock 'n play at work most of the day. She is getting close to sitting up in it and likes to arch her back to roll onto her side. She usually watches Kazoops on Netflix, but sometimes we switch it to My Friends Tigger and Pooh when she gets bored. Allison and I have the theme song down.

It was almost impossible to get her monthly picture, because all she wanted to do was roll over and chew on her fingers. Perry loves to suck on her pointer finger, and she's started to grab her binky to pull it out of her mouth. She can pretty much get it back in, but she'll usually just set it to the side and go for that finger.

Baby is getting closer to sitting up on her own and can hold it for a few seconds before falling over. She's also started to make her voice heard and squeals and coos all the time. It's so cute, and her big sisters love to have conversations with her. Perry thinks they are pretty cool and let's out extra loud shrieks of excitement when they give her attention.

Daddy is her favorite person, by far. She just lights up any time he walks into the room. He comes in my office to go over things a lot at work, and she wakes up with the biggest grin when she hears his voice. He gets her biggest, best grins every time.

Speaking of those big grins, Perry gets awfully shy sometimes. She'll give you a big grin and turn her face into my shoulder to hide. It's so stinking cute!

Since Perry is now rolling over onto her tummy anytime she's on the floor, she's a pro at tummy time and can push herself off the floor with ease. She likes to look around and play with toys that are in front of her. Current favorites are her Pooh Baby Stuffed Animal Stacker and her Jellycat Board Books.

Her hands are under control now, and she can easily grab for toys and press buttons to make them sing. Her favorite thing to hold is currently her stuffed owl, her koala bear that Daddy got her at the zoo, or Mommy's finger. When she's on the floor, she instantly kicks her feet up and holds onto her chunky little toes, and if you get close to her, she's likely to grab your face. She also learned to blow raspberries this month and does so while drooling all over the place.

Perry loves to kick her feet and rub them together, which sometimes results in her losing her moccasins. She's got quite a stash and wears them on the regular.

Just recently, she has started to lay her head on my shoulder, and it melts me every.single.time.

According to momstrology (yes, that's a thing), Taurus babies "turned napping into an art form" and "their disposition is sweet and leisurely". I'd say this describes Perry pretty well. She's super laid back and goes with the flow. She might be the best baby ever.

It's hard to imagine life before her. She's so easy to fall in love with and ours grows deeper for her on the daily. We love you, little squish.

(Grace - Charley - Perry)

Happy Five Months, Perry Lou <3

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