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Picture of the Week: Happy Birthday, Amelia!

Brother took a long nap at work on Monday.

Then he blew out his diaper while I was feeding him. Somehow, he missed me, but it did get all over my chair and the floor.

He hung out in his play mat on Tuesday.

When I picked Perry up from school, they had self portraits hanging on the wall, and hers had me cracking up. I love it so much!

Brother wasn't amused when Perry insisted that we watch Cinderella after school. Wherever you find him, you will always find her.

Toodles hung out on the floor next to Brother and made himself comfortable.

This guy fell asleep while I was burping him at work Wednesday.

Grace and Char had a petting zoo at Kid Zone and took pictures of the bunnies to show me.

Brother continued his nap fest at the office.

We got some much needed rain. It's been a really dry summer for us, and we're definitely missing the typical afternoon thunderstorms that we get this time of year. Perry especially loved splashing in the puddles.

I cut up some tomatoes for dinner, and these tiny hands kept stealing them.

Perr snuggled Bro Bro while they watched a movie.

Charley had him smiling up a storm before bath time.

Perry always wants to help feed him and decided to hold my boob like a bottle. She really thought she was being so helpful, so it was sweet.

Brother was all smiles on Thursday. I'm not sure why, because he didn't sleep very well the night before. Maybe he thought it was hilarious that he gets to nap all day, while I have to work.

We said some prayers before bed so he'd sleep better that night.

He ended up sleeping six hours straight, so I got lots of extra milk Friday morning. Too bad he refused to take a bottle every day this week. We finally just gave up trying.

Look at that big ole belly and milk drool. This kid is unbelievable.

Perry played her Osmo games. She loves them, and I love watching her imagination grow while she plays.

Brother was the happiest little guy Saturday morning.

Grace, Charley, and Presley stayed at Grandma Sunshine's to do a little back-to-school shopping to prep for the big day.

We celebrated Amelia's fourth birthday with a petting zoo party, and the kids had a blast.

Happy Birthday, Amelia!! We love you, sweet girl!

After that party, we headed to Charley's friend Sarah's birthday party at Lost Worlds. The kids had fun goofing around and eating pizza. Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Brother was exhausted after all that partying and took a good nap when we got home.

He woke up in a good mood again on Sunday and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, while Daddy and I tried to get a few more minutes of sleep.

Once Perry woke up, she insisted that he watch it sitting next to her.

We took the girls to Juan's Flaming Fajitas for lunch, and it was delicious, as usual.

That's all for now! See ya next week :)

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