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Picture of the Week: First Day of School!

This summer flew by, and before we knew it, it was the first day of school. We took all of our traditional pictures, and I couldn't get over how much Grace and Char have grown, even just since last year. I love watching them blossom in school, and they're both excited to get back to hanging with their friends every day at recess. Both of them currently want to be teachers, but Grace also wants to be a famous singer to make lots of money.

Of course Perry had to get in on the picture action once she saw sisters getting theirs taken.

Char played with my camera, while I got Brother in the car and left me this gem.

We met up with some friends before school for some quick pictures and then headed to the girls' classrooms.

Grace was super excited, while Charley was her nervous self. She always gets so shy in new settings, but it doesn't take her long to fit right in.

Isaac and I stayed home with Perry and Brother for the day, so I tried to get a video of him rolling over. He never performs when the camera is rolling.

He is still liking his new bouncer and napped in it on Tuesday at the office.

He hung out and played with his new lovey on Wednesday before taking a long nap in his rocker.

Thursday he was all about the play mat and staring at himself in the mirror.

He tried rolling over some more, but that little arm just kept getting in his way.

Gracie got her braces off and looked like such a big girl!

Perry hung out with Brother, while I cooked dinner, and he tried to talk to her. I love when he attempts to have conversations with us.

She brought home the cutest little bus picture to celebrate the start of a new school year.

Gracie had a sleepover at Auntie Geni's and had so much fun playing with Chase and Kaitlyn. 

Perry played with Bro Bro, while Daddy and I got ready to head to our fantasy football draft party.

He made us all wear Raiders gear, so we had to get a cute family photo.

The babies all hung out together, as per usual.

We completed our draft, and I'm pretty excited about my team this year, although says I'm not projected to win many games.

We went swimming at the Luks' house on Sunday, and the kiddos had a blast together. Brother even got in on the pool action.

Another fun week is in the books, and we're all happy that school has started. It's nice to be back into our usual routine.

See ya next week!

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