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Picture of the Week: Camping in Pine Valley

Perry spent the day with Grandma Sunshine, Papa Craig, and Paxton on Monday. They played at the park and checked out some horses. Perry had so much fun and now keeps telling me that she is going to Grandma's instead of school.

Grace and Char's school had a fundraiser, and Charley's class did so well that they got to have a popsicle party on Tuesday.

She had soccer practice, and Perry thought the practice was for her. She loves to play soccer with her big sisters.

The girls had superhero day, and Charley wore her Wonder Woman shirt.

We headed up to Pine Valley to go camping on Friday after work. It's easily my favorite place to camp as my dad always took me there as a kid. I have so many fun memories of skipping rocks, fishing in the creek, listening to raccoons ravage through our groceries, and making scones around the campfire. I want my girls to have the same memories, and it's also nice to get them away from their iPads and into nature for a couple of days every now and then.

We made sure to get there with enough light to set our tent up. Alex and Allison got a spot right across from ours, and the girls all had fun playing and running between the campsites, while the guys set the tents up.

It was Perry and Ava's first time in a tent, and they ran amok and giggled all over the place.

We got the fire started and got dinner ready to go. I think Perry ate her weight in asparagus.

The moon was shining bright right in between these trees and looked so beautiful.

We also had a deer cross the street right next to our campground.

Isaac got the steaks on the fire, and they were so good! We hung out for a little bit before going to bed for the night.

The next morning, the girls brushed their teeth while we started on breakfast.

Grace took some pictures of our tent for the blog.

Breakfast burritos were ready, and they did not disappoint.

After we ate, the girls and I checked out the area surrounding our spot, while we waited for everyone else to get ready.

They wore their matching "Happy Camper" shirts and looked so adorable. (Thanks, Kasie!)

We decided to go for a hike to check out the area. The reservoir was right across the street from our campsite, and it was the prettiest view.

We ran into some cows on our way down the path.

We also came across these trees that smell delicious. Apparently, some people smell vanilla and some smell butterscotch.

The girls love to climb across all of the fallen trees, so of course Perry wanted to join them. Daddy helped her make her way across.

We crossed the creek, and surprisingly, no one fell in! I remember always falling in as a kid and coming back soaked.

Daddy showed off by lifting this giant log, and then Perry tried to lift it, too.

When we got back, I tried getting Perry to nap in the tent, but she wasn't having it.

We decided to go fishing instead. The girls had so much fun even though we didn't catch anything.

I just love these pictures of Grace and Daddy fishing together.

We had the best time camping and can't wait to go again. We knew we had to leave Sunday, so we made dinner and then packed up Saturday night instead. Isaac does this on every trip we take, and it's always nice to wake up at home on Sunday morning.

While I slept in, Perry got into my make-up and put gold eye shadow on her lips.

We made keto pancakes with eggs for breakfast, and they were so good.

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and putting all of our camping gear away.

We had the best week!

See ya next time :)

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