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Picture of the Week: Fun at the Aquarium

We caught a beautiful sunrise on our way to school Monday morning. We're getting to the point where it's going to be dark when we leave the house soon.

Char had soccer practice, and the sky was all sorts of pretty colors.

We made fajitas for dinner, and nothing beats the smell of peppers and onions sizzling.

Perry was a goofball in the car while we waited for sisters to get back from school.

We drove to Springs Preserve on Saturday for a fun day with our field trip group, and Perry insisted on wearing Daddy's glasses the whole way.

We had bunless cheeseburgers and berries for lunch.

Perry napped in bed, while I watched the Sooners play some football.

We had a date night with some friends that night, and the drinks and tapas at Firefly were delish. After dinner, we headed to the Fiesta where we ended up in the bingo room. It was my first time, and I couldn't believe how fast they go. I could barely keep up with my dobber, let alone check to see if I had any actual bingos. It was fun nonetheless.

The girls had fun with Brielle at Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's house that night.

Perry and Brielle stayed up really late, so Perry napped hard when she got home.

Later that morning, we met Poppa Allen and Gran and the Halls at Seaquest Aquarium. The girls loved petting the lizards while we waiting in the short line.

Inside, we saw more lizards, lots of fish, and even a scary looking eel.

The girls took turns being too afraid to touch the lobster.

We fed some stingrays and small sharks, and this was easily my favorite part.

As we walked through the aquarium, we saw chickens, more lizards, and a huge tortoise.

Daddy and the girls were fascinated by the snakes, but I stayed far away.

I was more into watching the seahorses and jellyfish.

The girls got to pet some capybaras, and after getting over their initial fear of them, they loved them and didn't want to leave.

We checked out some starfish and got some fish food to get a closer look at some of the fish.

We ended up back at the stingray and shark tank to feed them some more. This time, there was a real life mermaid swimming around the tank.

The tortoise walked by on our way out and was so cute. I just love his old man face.

We got to pet one more lizard as we left.

The girls had a really fun week! That's all for now.

See ya next time :)

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