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Picture of the Week: Playing at the Park

Monday was Labor Day, and since we were all off work/school, we spent the morning at the park playing in the gorgeous weather.

We hit up the Halloween store, because that's one of Daddy and the girls' favorite things to do. They always open the first weekend in September, and you bet these weirdos were counting down the days.

She sang in the car on the way home.

The girls helped me make some turkey meatballs, and they turned out so good. We ate them over some zucchini noodles with red sauce.

We went through the girls backpacks to get them ready for school the next day. They love to show us their artwork that they bring home.

Grace's class celebrated all of the summer birthdays, and her teacher made them some cute little gifts.

Perry and Brielle played together at school, and their teacher sent me these cute pictures.

Perry rode her "bike" in the front yard, and I cringed at her bare feet on the asphalt.

I came across this and loved it.

Grace left us some post-its on the fridge to let us know what she wanted in her lunch the next day and also to remind us that it was picture day.

Perry talked to her little mouse toy at Char's soccer practice.

Grace had crazy hair day at school, and her teacher sent us this cute picture.

The girls had their first soccer games on Saturday. They both moved up this season, so Grace is on a much bigger field with six girls on the field, a bigger net and an official goalie. Char now has four girls on the field and the coach stays on the sidelines. They both played hard, and we're excited for them to learn more this season.

Perry scored a goal at half time.

Perry tried her hardest not to fall asleep on Charley's bed while they watched a movie.

The girls painted some Halloween crafts on Sunday.

Painting wore Perry out, and she napped while I watched the Titans game.

Her face shows my exact feelings as all of the Titans seemed to be going down with injuries one after another.

We had more zpaghetti with pink sauce this time, and it was another hit with the girls.

See ya next week!

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