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Picture of the Week: 'Field Trip Fridays' Takes Over City National Arena

Monday morning, we woke up to a gorgeous sunrise. The second best thing about monsoon season (the first is the random thunderstorms) is that we get these beautiful sunrises and sunsets with all of the humidity and clouds in the mornings and evenings.

Perry learned all about bears at school, and her teacher sent home the cutest picture of the kids wearing bear masks.

Tuesday, Perry was all about her pockets and asked me to take a picture with her hands in them.

We got an even better sunrise that morning than the previous day.

Grace had an orthodontist appointment where they decided to tie off her expander. We're all done with that part. Yay! Now she has to keep her braces on for about a year, kind of like a cast so everything heals properly. Perry was obsessed with their mirror and just looked at herself the whole time we were there.

When we got home, it started raining out of nowhere, so of course, the girls wanted to play in it.

The girls made Perry a car out of a cardboard box, while we made dinner. They were so cute pushing her all around the house.

Charley must have taken these gems on her iPad at school, because they randomly appeared on my phone.

We got more pictures of Perry in class playing with pink sand and gluing oats on her paper to make a sheep.

That afternoon, there was a rainbow out front, and the kids played outside after school. The Sebastians came outside, too, and we stayed out there until it got dark. The kids had fun riding their bikes, eating Otter Pops, and playing basketball.

Friday afternoon, our 'Field Trip Friday' group went to City National Arena for a tour and to ice skate for a bit. The girls had so much fun learning all about the arena, the zambonis, and seeing all of the cool Golden Knights' stuff everywhere. They even got some cool folders and pencils for school.

Literally, the second we got on the ice, Charley fell (of course she did). I didn't see it happen, because I had just gotten her on the ice and grabbed Perry to help her over the step. I looked up, and Charley was crying and holding her head. She's pretty accident prone, so we're used to her getting hurt. I told her that she was fine and to keep skating. We went around the ice a few more times, but she never did cheer up. Perry, on the other hand, didn't want my help at all. She would yell at me every time I touched the handles on her red assistant. Grace was all over the place, and had a great time with her friends.

When we were getting ready to leave, Charley said she felt like she needed to throw up, so we made our way to the restroom. She didn't throw up and said she felt better, so we got in the car to head home. She threw up in the car, so I called Isaac to see if he thought we should head to the E.R. He told me to meet him at home, since he was on his way. As soon as we got home, Charley threw up again, so we called Uncle Zac and texted Nick since they are both firefighters. Both said it was probably fine, but they would take her in if it was their kid. Off to the E.R. we went. My mom met us there and picked up Grace and Perry as Char continued to throw up. The doctor told her that she could go to sleep, and she was out within seconds. She had been trying to go to sleep since we left the arena, but I wouldn't let her. After a couple of hours of sleep and a cat scan, it was determined that she had a mild concussion, but she would be just fine. We were so thankful! Anytime you have to take your kid to the hospital is so stressful, but it was even worse with the head injury. This was Charley's third trip already - nursemaids elbow, split chin that needed glue, and now a concussion. I really wish we could keep this child in a bubble.

I knew she was fine when she woke up and asked to play on my phone. It was like someone had turned the light switch back on, and she was back to her silly self.

The next morning, the girls helped Daddy make breakfast.

Perry napped early that day, and we snuggled in bed. We stayed home all weekend and made Char take it easy so her brain could heal.

Grace took pictures of herself in her bedroom, and I thought this one was so pretty.

We spent the afternoon putting our VGK Lego set together and finally got it all finished.

Some of our friends came over to hang out, and we grilled some steaks, watched a fight, and laughed at our crazy kids all night long.

Perry was still asleep when I woke up Sunday morning, which is pretty rare.

She must've had tons of fun the night before, because she woke up and watched a movie in the living room. I looked over, and she had fallen back asleep.

After an eventful week, we rested all day Sunday, and thank God, Charley was back to normal. I don't think she'll want to go ice skating for a while, though.

See ya next week!

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