Big Things {The First Day of School}

This year, we were all super excited for the first day of school. Isaac and I both took the day off of work, and there were no tears from anyone.

After a healthy breakfast, the girls got ready and went out front to take our traditional first day of school pictures. We met the Sebastian boys out there and got our annual group shot, as well.

Char is going into first grade and couldn't be more excited to play on the big kid playground with Grace. She wants to be a boss when she grows up and is excited to have Mrs. Bustamante just like her big sis did.

Gracie is going into third grade, which feels like she is so big. She's past the mid-point of elementary school, and that's a little scary. She loved her second grade teacher so much, that she has decided to be a teacher when she grows up. We're excited for her to learn more this year and really focus on her reading.

It was finally time to leave so we all hopped in the car and headed to school. The girls were so cute walking close together and, of course, ahead of us.

We waited for the doors to open and then walked each of them to their classrooms.

Grace was ready to roll and found this note on her desk from a prior student of Ms. Young's. She sat down to read it, and we headed to Char's class.

Charley was a bit more nervous and giggly. She got to play with blocks to start her day, and we left her with a huge smile on her face.

After dropping the girls off, we waited out front for Chase. We wanted to make sure we saw him and told him to have the best day. Grace actually has lunch with him, which is super cool. He's going into Kinder this year and is excited to be at school with the girls.

Perry was just sad that she didn't get to join everyone else.

A few hours later, we picked the girls up from school, and they both had great days. They were both happy that they got to see all of their friends again, and both said that they loved their teachers.

Char brought home this handprint puzzle that we put together while talking about her day.

Her teacher asked us to write a short note about her so she could get to know her a little better. I made sure to let her know that she's accident prone, because something is bound to happen during the school year. She's also tough, so that helps a lot!

We were so happy that the girls' first day of school went so well. I can't wait to see how much they learn and accomplish this year. It's crazy they they are in first and third grade already! I wish they'd stop growing so quickly, and I'm really trying to soak in all of these special days. Good luck this year, girls. I know you're going to do big things!

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