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Picture of the Week: Keto Pizza Face

Monday started out with this beautiful sunrise as we left for school.

We made zucchini noodles for dinner again with ribeyes this time.

The girls helped me bake a chocolate cake that night, and it was delicious! We used coconut oil, and it almost tasted like a German Chocolate Cake without the icing. We topped it with whipped cream and strawberries instead.

Grace brought home a puzzle with some of her favorite things for the pieces.

Charley brought home a mirror that says she's special because she likes hors and chedu (horses and cheetahs).

She also brought home this heart with the sweetest message.

Char enjoyed chocolate cake for dessert again that night.

I came across this and loved it. We're always stressing about getting things done and making everything perfect. It's a nice reminder to slow down and remember that everything will happen in God's time.

We caught another pretty sunrise on the way to school the next morning.

Grammy picked the girls up because we had Back to School Night and couldn't take them with us.

Char's class was up first, and she made the cutest self portrait.

Her favorite things included iscreme, mooves, firwrx, pece, and nits games. 

We left a little post it note on her desk for her to find the next morning and headed to Grace's class.

Gracie had a cute picture hanging on the board with her future profession - a teacher - written on it.

She also had this little journal in her desk that included some of her favorite things like her familey, peanut and jelley sandwiches, the color teal, and some cute stories that she wrote.

We got our best sunrise yet on Thursday morning, and the rays peaking out from the clouds were gorgeous.

I completed a Parent Quiz for Grace's homework where I had to try to guess her favorite things. I started off well, but the last few questions were all surprises.

We made a keto version of Outback's Alice Springs Chicken, and it was delicious!

Perry and I waited in the car for the girls to get back from school.

I thought this was pretty funny, because I've been drinking tons of water every day and have to go to the bathroom every five minutes.

We had our fantasy football draft party, so we came up with a keto-friendly snack to take.

Perry took a nap when we got home, because playing with her friends wore her out.

We celebrated Chad and Chad's 30th birthdays with a surprise party at my sister's house. Happy Birthday, guys!

I made more peanut butter chocolate balls, and Perry couldn't get her hands on them fast enough.

She read a book in the pantry, while we were making dinner.

We made pizza for dinner again Sunday night, and I think it might be Perry's favorite. She's seriously the best eater.

That's all for now. See ya next week!

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