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Picture of the Week: Playing in the Rain

...Kelli texted me this picture of Char waiting in line with her class after school on Monday. She looked so big standing there with her backpack on.

...Char brought home these pictures that she drew about personal space.

...we went to Memphis Barbecue for dinner that night, and the girls played with Snapchat filters while we waited for our food.

...Perry was so excited to eat her mac and cheese and made sure to share with Daddy, too.

...Ava played on my desk at work the next day.

...I picked Perry up from school, and she ate Fruit Loops while we waited for her sisters to get back from elementary school. They had decorated the halls in a Dr. Seuss theme, and it was the cutest thing ever.

...Charley had her first soccer practice on Tuesday evening, and she looked so cute in her matching gear.

...she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before school on Wednesday, while she played with her friends before the bell rang. She told me that they play family all the time, and she always has to be the kid, because she's in the class with blue name tags. I told her that she could be the mom sometimes, too, and she said "no way". When I asked her why she didn't want to be the mom, and she said it was because the kids get to play on the playground, and the mom always has to sit in the grass. Plus, moms yell a lot.

...we had a thunderstorm roll through that afternoon, and every time it thunders, the girls run for the front door to play in the rain. Today was no exception, and they had a blast getting soaking wet.

...I ordered some new bows for Grace's soccer team, and they turned out super cute.

...Char has been picking out her own clothes before school everyday, and it's almost always a dress. Thursday she asked me to take her picture because she loved how her shoes and dress looked like Cinderella.

...I came home from work to find Isaac redecorating our back door. Nice try.

...Perry got a cake pop at the store and couldn't wait to eat it.

...we headed to Grace's soccer practice that evening, and Charley took pictures on my phone while we were waiting for practice to start.

...Char dressed in her best red, white, and blue for spirit day on Friday. (I always make sure to block out the school name, because I don't need any crazies seeing where my kids go to school when I'm not with them all day!).

...Perry and I waited for the girls again after school, and all she wanted was to snuggle her blanky and watch the "ishies" swim around.

...I took the girls to get Slurpees after school, because it was so dang hot and humid.

...Charley drew a picture at school of how she could be a bucket filler. She said giving everyone big smiles made them happy, so she drew herself giving a friend a huge smile.

...Perry went to bed early, so I hung out in the living room with Grace and Char.

...while they were making bracelets for their besties at school, we talked about their week and how things were going. Charley told me that her soccer friend Candace and this boy, Jackson, from her class were boyfriend and girlfriend. Candace told Charley that they loved each other, and then Jackson yelled at the other girls to stay away from his girlfriend. She also said that they've been having some "you're not my friend" drama, and that she, Tenley, and Phoebe sell Gatorade in their pretend store to the other kids. 

Grace had some drama this week, too, and she had me cracking up in the car when she was telling me about it. It basically went like this:

Grace: Mom, Lyla broke up with Hurley today! I felt so bad, because I didn't want him to be sad.
Me: What do you mean she broke up with him? Were they boyfriend/girlfriend?
Grace: No. They just like each other.
Me: I thought you liked Hurley.
Grace: Right. We both do. So Lyla said it wasn't even worth it. She didn't really break up with him, though. First she broke up with him, and then she told me and Bryce that she just wanted him to spend more time with her.
Me: What? What does that even mean?
Grace: Well, me and Bryce told Hurley that he just needs to spend more time with her. He said, "ok", so then we told Lyla that we told him.
Me: What did she say?
Grace: She was like, "Ohhh, my gosh.", but she wasn't even mad. She was glad we told him, because she was just afraid to tell him herself!

The next day in the car, she told me how Lyla and Hurley were going to talk at lunch, but he had his boy group of friends called the Lightning, so they got their girl group together. Lyla gave them a thumbs up to let them know she didn't need their help. As it turns out, Grace, Lyla, and Bryce are all Hurley's best friends, and Grace sits across from him in class. Since they're at the same table, they get partnered up to read together and are in the same P.E. squad, and the others girls get jealous that he is not spending enough time with them. I mean, these kids are seven! I just laugh every day when she tells me about their drama.

...I went to check on Perry, and she continued to sleep peacefully.

...Saturday morning, we got ready and met our favorite mom group at Kinderland for a play date. The kids had so much fun running amok, and Perry even got in on all the action. They rode roller coaster cars, went down the fastest slide you've ever seen, and played with all kinds of fun toys.

...Perry loved these cars and went down the tracks over and over when we first got there.

...getting a group picture of this many kids is NOT easy, but we did it! I love that they are all wearing their June and January and that a small clothing shop brought us all together to get advice and make new friends. All of these mamas are so sweet, and we love meeting up with them to play.

...Perry got to play with her besties: Acelyn, Amelia, and Ava. 

...when she found the slide, all bets were off. Apparently she's a bit of a dare devil. This slide was crazy fast and threw the kids into bean bags when they landed. Perr climbed to the top on her own and went down a million times, giggling the whole way.

...of course, the one time I try to take a video, she bumps her cheek at the top and doesn't give me her big laugh at the bottom.

...after our play date, the girls and I went to the Fashion Show mall to hit up Abercrombie, their new favorite shop. We saw some jackets online that we loved for winter, but I wanted to see them in person before spending that much on them. They were adorable, so I ordered them online to get a discount. While we were there, the girls wanted to try on these dresses. I had seen them online and wasn't a huge fan, but they were adorable once they put them on, so we had to get those, too.

...we met Daddy at Jimmy John's for lunch, and the girls got down on their favorite sandwiches.

...we went to the Luks that night to watch the Mayweather vs McGregor fight, and Perry ate pizza naked, so she didn't ruin her clothes.

...after dinner, the babies went crazy running back and forth across the front room a million times, while the big kids played upstairs.

...Acelyn fed Perry cookies. 

...Perry was excited about the National Anthem. Who knew she was a Demi Lovato fan?

...the girls said cheers and drank their water. Why do I see them doing this again when they're grown?

...Scarlett sang them songs and told them stories, and they were really intrigued.

...Perry slept in the next morning after staying up so late Saturday night. Toodles had to come wake her up.

...while the girls swam at Grandma Espejo's, we watched Tangled and took Perry out to dinner.

...when we all got home, Char and I finished up her weekend project that was due on Monday for Howdy Helper of the Week. 

...while we were working on Char's homework, Perry snacked on some peaches that ended up on her head.

...obviously, we put her right in the bath. Sticky little mess!

That's all for now! See you next week <3

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