First Day of School

Isaac and I started a tradition when Grace was going into Kindergarten where we take the Friday before and Monday, the first day of school, off of work. We want to make sure that our girls know just how important their education is, and we feel that the more we are involved, the more they will want to be involved.

We spent a lot of time this summer reviewing site words and reading with Grace to make sure she didn't fall back and forget anything that she learned last year. We also make sure to spend time with her each night during the school year doing homework. Charley will get to participate in that nightly routine this year!

Nevada gets a lot of flak for Clark County being one of the worst school districts in the country. I was born and raised here, and I did very well all the way through high school. It's my belief that a child's learning environment at home directly relates to how well they learn in school. From the time I was a toddler, my mother, father, and grandmother would read to me, teach me nursery rhymes, and even do math flash cards with me. We have tried to spend time with each of our girls instilling a love of learning this way.

There are a lot of opportunities in Las Vegas for parents to work at night or work a job that takes them out of the home and away from their kids. There are also a lot of opportunities for kids to work jobs in this town that take them away from school or encourage them to drop out early. If parents at home are not preaching the importance of education to their children, and actively showing them that they are willing to be there every step of the way, how are the kids supposed to realize how important it is? It's our job to teach them how important attendance, respect, and hard work are. These qualities translate to their future, so we feel that it's important to instill them early on.

We got so lucky with the girls' school and principal. It truly is like a small community for the kids, and they try to involve the parents in every aspect. Although we both work full time, Isaac and I try to make it to every event, whether it's one or both of us, to let our kids know that we're there for them and to make sure that they love the school they are going to be spending so much time at. We couldn't ask for a better place to be sending our kids every day as it really does feel like a home away from home for them. We have even built relationships with both of Grace's previous teachers outside of school, which is a testament to just how amazing they have been.

My hope is that my girls will build lasting relationships with their teachers and will be able to go to them for guidance and advice as they grow. I want them to be nurtured at home in a way that lets them know that teachers are important and are to be respected. Luckily, Grace and Char have both shown a love for learning to this point, and with our encouragement, I pray that this love grows and blossoms for them.

Today is a big day for our girls. Grace is starting second grade, and Charley is starting Kindergarten. I know that this year is going to be special for these girls with so many friends joining them both on their adventure. Grace has embraced school and has built beautiful friendships with so many of her classmates. Charley is moving into her new school with friends from soccer, neighbors, and her big sister to help guide her. I won't be worried for either of them, but I am super excited to hear about their first day.

Charley is so excited to start Kindergarten and finally be with her big sis at the big kid school. She's a little nervous that she has to give up her daily two hour nap, but she'll adjust just fine. Currently, she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. I love that, because I always used to say that when I was little. She loves to color, lacks patience sometimes and wants to know how to do something right away without having to work at it, and is the sweetest little thing that gives out hugs like they're candy. We're so excited to watch her grow this year and develop her little personality now that she has this newfound independence. Go get 'em, Char!

Gracie is starting second grade, and I cannot believe it. She used to say she wants to be Mommy when she grows up, but now she just wants to be like Mommy. She wants to work for Sunstate and do the same thing I do. Grace loves recess (who doesn't?), laughing extremely loud, and writing down stories that she's made up. Grace has grown so much over the summer and is finally getting the hang of reading. It took us a minute, but we're finally progressing, and we are so proud of her for sticking it out and working hard this summer!

She's changed so much since Kindergarten and looks so grown up these days.

The girls were so funny. They kept telling Perry to come take pictures with them and didn't want to leave her out.

We met the Sebastian boys out front for a group shot. It's been so fun watching these kiddos grow up together. Their friendship is the sweetest!

We finally made it to school, and the girls were ready to go.

Grace's class was first and easy. She was hardly nervous at all and jumped right in to coloring and talking to her friends.

Charley was quiet and a little more anxious. I thought this would be easy since she's been in full time preschool for years, and we've already done this once before. I was so sad watching Charley sitting at her desk in this big ol' foreign classroom. How is this little baby old enough to be in Kindergarten already? I cried a little, but I didn't want her to see me, so we left and went to the Boo Hoo Yahoo get together in the courtyard with some other parents. I did sneak back to her classroom to peek through the window after, and of course she was just fine.

Mrs. Grant sent us some pictures throughout the day and texted me that Char cried at circle time. When she got home, I asked her why, and she said she was afraid of saying the wrong thing. That broke my heart. Fortunately, she had a blast the rest of the day and said she loved her new school.

The girls celebrated when they got home. We're all excited to see where this year takes us and to help our girls grow and learn as much as possible.

Here's to another milestone in the books for these big girls!

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