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Picture of the Week: Back to School Meet and Greets

...Charley got a new sample outfit from June and January's fall drop, so I needed to get a picture of her in it. Perry saw us and wanted to make sure I got a picture of her super cute outfit, as well.

...we made a Mexican Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Black Bean Skillet dinner, and it was an instant fav. We'll definitely be making this one often.

...Perry slept like an angel in her DockATot.

...Gracie played with Perry and taught her how to scream when she scared her.

...Perry read her bath book and pointed out the baby.

...Charley was being so goofy and made up the silliest dance in the car.

...Charley had her Kindergarten Orientation on Thursday and was so excited. We took Grace and Perry to day care and took the day off to make sure Char felt extra special. She loved that she was finally at Smalley, and was so sweet and shy while checking out her classroom. I can't believe she's joining Grace as an official big girl this year. She was our baby for so many years that it doesn't feel real that she could possibly be this big.

...after her meet and greet, Char Char wanted to get her sisters and go to the pool. We got a day bed at GVR and the girls ate some breakfast, drank some Dole whip floats, and swam all over the place. Perry just wanted to keep jumping in to Daddy over and over again, while Grace and Char had fun playing in the sand area.

...when we got home, Char had Daddy pull out her loose tooth. It was such a big day for this little one! She couldn't wait to put it under her pillow and was so excited when the tooth fairy left her five dollars.

...we were all exhausted after such a busy day, so Perry and I snuggled in the rocking chair, and she fell asleep for the night.

...we met the Espejos for breakfast at IHOP on Friday morning.

...we went to the Fashion Show Mall to do a little shopping. The girls both got new soccer balls while we were there and practiced dribbling them as we walked around.

...that afternoon, it was Grace's turn for her Second Grade Meet and Greet. We headed to her classroom and got to meet her teacher and find her desk. Mrs. Maher was super sweet, which made Grace even more excited to go back to school on Monday. For some reason, Kindergarten is like the first little taste of school, First Grade is their first real year of being with the big kids all day, and Second Grace feels like Grace is way too big. She's right in the mix with all of the other kids and was waving at and talking to all of the teachers in the halls as we walked by them. She's such a social butterfly. I can't wait to see how she does this year, and I know it'll be fun, because she's got most of her little girlfriends in her class with her.

...we headed to Lucille's for dinner, because the girls wanted sweet tea and ribs.

...Perry made Daddy play Care Bears with her while we waited for our food. We carry a bag full of them everywhere we go, because she loves them and they instantly calm her down. We typically leave one everywhere, so they're starting to dwindle down. I ordered another set this week to fill her bag up again.

...Saturday morning, we went to watch Chase's last tee ball game. The girls made sure to wear all blue since that's his team color. 

...we got there a little early, so the girls played on the slides while we waited for the game to start. 

...they had so much fun hanging with their cousins all morning, and we loved watching Chase hit the ball and run around the bases with his little legs. It was the cutest!

...I had ordered the girls a new bow holder, because there was no real way to store them and be able to find the one you're looking for quickly. It was delivered while we were gone, so I organized the girls' bows while they napped. It made me realize that we have way too many, but we also have three girls, so that's how I talked myself into it being OK. I still don't know what to do with all of the bow headbands, so they're just in a box on the table underneath this little beauty.

...Perry napped the afternoon away in her DockATot.

...when the girls finally woke up, we heard it start to sprinkle outside. They all ran out to watch it, but it only lasted a few minutes. Still, it cooled it down a little bit, so we played outside and ate popsicles with the Sebastians.

...Grandma Sunshine wanted the girls to stay the night one last time before school started, so we met her at the movie theater to drop Grace and Char off. They watched Nut Job 2 and had fun making music with Papa Craig at their house afterwards.

...back at home, Perry was getting down to Michael Jackson, which is her current favorite choice in music.

...she went to bed, so I got to finish The Handmaid's Tale. It's my favorite show I've ever watched, so if you haven't seen it. Watch it right now!

...Sunday morning, we met Francesca and her family at the Marriott in Summerlin for a pool day. Perry had fun playing with Amelia and checking out the waterfall with Daddy.

...Grandma Sunshine dropped off Gracie and Char, so they got to swim for a bit, too.

...we headed home, and I got the girls First Day of School signs all ready for Monday morning, while they showered. I can't believe tomorrow is the big day!

...Perry danced some more and tried singing along this time, which had us all cracking up.

...we went to the Gerfy's for dinner, and Perry and Amelia had fun bouncing on the baby trampoline.

That's all for now! See ya next week when the girls have their first day of school, and I try not to be a hot mess :)

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