Last Week...

...Grace is all about cheetah print errythang these days. She looked so cute before school on Monday in one of her favorite outfits.

...after school, we played outside with friends where she practiced her hula hoop skills.

...Charley can never manage to eat raviolis for lunch without spilling them all over her shirt.

...JJ brought out some firetrucks, and he and Char raced them down the driveway. Each time he would say, "Ready, Char?" It was so cute!

...with the time change, the girls started going to bed super early. They were both asleep before 7:00!

...they wore more cute outfits to school on Tuesday, and Char insisted on taking a picture with sister. Her little panda moccs kill me.

...she snuggled up next to me that night, while Kasie and I texted back and forth.

...the girls finally started back at dance class on Thursday. Char moved up to a combo tap/ballet class, and Grace moved into a ballet only class.

...Grace's class was first, and this little ballerina was so adorable learning some new skills.

...meanwhile, Charley played outside and watched the big girls practice their dance moves.

...she couldn't wait for her turn and danced her little tush off. This video cracks me up, because she loves to watch herself dance in the mirror and continues to do so even after the music stops.

...Uncle Elijah came to visit, and the girls had a blast playing with him Friday night.

...Saturday we took the girls to see the peanuts movie at Town Square. It was really cute, but the girls started to get bored at the end. Afterwards, Daddy let them take a ride on the train.

...that night, the girls wore matching footsie pajamas and watched movies together.

...Sunday morning, we found this guy on our front porch. After doing a little research and discovering that they rarely bite humans (and when they do it's similar to a bee sting), and they eat scorpions and other critters, we decided to leave him there.

...we went grocery shopping where I got two bags of my favorite candy ever.

...Daddy had to carry this little monkey to bed, so he grabbed her by her feet.

...See you next week with some excited news!

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