Last Week...

...since Grace had pink eye at Grandma's over the weekend, she came to work with me on Monday just to be safe. She colored lots of pictures and hung them all over the office before Grandma Sunshine picked her up for the rest of the day.

...I've been taking LOTS of bubble baths lately (currently obsessed with Lush's bath bombs). Isaac surprised me by bringing me a grilled cheese sandwich since he was making them for the kids. He's the best!

...while laying in bed, Charley kept saying something so funny while watching her iPad. She was playing a learning game that helps you learn how to read. I started recording her after asking Grace to turn off the light. You can hear Grace say, "Why do I have to do everything?". Charley gets shy once she catches me. I think she is saying, "when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking". I've watched this a million times, and it makes me laugh every time.

...Grace had pumpkin discovery at school. Since I had to work, I wasn't able to go. Nick and Shelly are seriously the greatest friends! Shelly sent me pictures of their adventures, while Nick let Gracie FaceTime me from school. We are so grateful for them!

...Thursday, the kids wore costumes to school and had a Monster Mash Flash Mob (that Nick also sent us a video of). Grace was so cute busting out her moves. My favorite is the shoulder shimmy.

...Friday, the kids got to wear costumes to Preschool and trick-or-treat around to the other classrooms. Char's friend Valeska has been with her since they were both in the infant room. Her mom sent me these sweet pictures of them with their friend, Joey, and their teacher, Miss Stephaine.

...Friday after school, we met Grammy, Auntie Geni, Auntie Allison, and Chase at the pumpkin patch. The girls had a blast going down the slides a million times.

...we moved on to the next slide which proved to be just as much fun. Geni even got Chase to go down it.

...wagon rides were next, and they were so cute riding around the place.

...Char wanted to ride the swings, so we did that next. We told Chase that after this one, we would go see the animals. Every time he came around, he'd yell "animalssss". It was so cute!

...finally, we made it to the petting zoo, where the kids fed the goats way too much. They obviously loved it and kept coming back for more food.

...after the pumpkin patch, we went back to Grammy and Papa Rick's to carve pumpkins. The girls were really able to help this year and loved scooping the guts out.

(Grace's was going to be a My Little Pony, but the middle fell, so we turned it around and made a 'G' instead!)

...Saturday morning, Gracie had a soccer game. This was the best game she ever played, and I finally remembered to bring my good camera, so I got a lot of action shots. At one point, she kicked it in from the corner to her teammate, and he kicked it right in the goal. Those are the pictures where she has her hands in the air. She was so excited about it!

...after the game, we went to Poppa and Grandma's for lunch since Poppa's birthday was the day before. While we were there, Poppa showed us his lemon tree that he is so proud of. also happened to be Halloween (can you say busy?). When we got home, the girls got their costumes on, and we headed outside with all of our neighbors, family, and friends to trick-or-treat. We had a great night laughing and dancing as usual.

 the end of the night, the girls changed into their "Boo" pajamas and fell asleep quickly.

Such a busy week! See you next time <3

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