Last Week {Thanksgiving Edition}...

...the Unertls came over for dinner on Monday, and Jakson was cracking us up trying to get into the Barbie car. He would open the door, put his foot in, and try to ride in it.

...we had Wrestle Mania 2015 while the girls taught him how to play rough. These moves will come in handy when his little brother arrives.

...Char got tired and laid on the couch, and Jakson kept saying, "baby!" and giving Sleeping Beauty kisses. He's the sweetest!

...the girls got all dressed up for an anniversary party, and looked so adorable.

...when we arrived at the party, they had my Grandma's wedding dress from 60 years ago and my aunt's wedding dress from 40 years ago. It was so cool to see their actual dresses in person.

...the kids had fun taking silly selfies and posing for pictures, while snacking on some yummy treats. And seriously, how cute are my grandparents?! The cutest ever!!

...someone decided to give Charley a microphone, and she was in heaven. Thank goodness it wasn't really turned on.

...Wednesday, Grace had a Thanksgiving turkey celebration at school. My mom went and sent me some pictures and a video of the Kindergartners doing their turkey dance. Grace was so excited and practiced for it all week. She was a little shy at school, but you should see this girl get down at home.

...that night, we met some friends for dinner at Johnny Mac's, since Chris and Kristina were in town with Alex. The girls had so much fun playing with her, and we loved catching up with our long lost friends. After dinner, we went to Friendly's doughnuts for dessert. The girls kept calling Alex their cousin afterwards and asking when they could play again.

...Toodles slept on Grace's pillow and got all sorts of comfortable.

...Thursday morning was Thanksgiving, so we headed up to the cabin to celebrate with my family. On the way, I ate the best Friendly's doughnut: a rainbow sprinkle cake doughnut.

...we were hoping that we'd see some snow up there, but it didn't seem likely. Once we started heading up the mountain, it was obvious that they were hit with a lot of snow the night before. started snowing while we were driving, which made the roads extra slick, but we made it safely.

...the girls had fun playing with cousin Chase by the fire, while the rest of us cooked all day long.

...this year, we are extra thankful. We are so blessed with our loving family, and so excited to be adding a new baby in May. The girls couldn't be more excited to have a baby sister, and all of us are healthy and happy. There really isn't any more we could ask for.

...Papa Rick carved the ham and the turkey for the finishing touches on dinner.

...while the girls hammed it up in the living room.

...Charley played photographer with my Canon. You should have seen this girl getting in positions to get the perfect angle. She was too funny.

...the next morning, we got more snow, and it was so peaceful and beautiful outside. Although it was freezing and way too cold to play in it.

...the kids snuggled up in their jammies and watched cartoons together.

...we finally got dressed, and the girls were ready to get out in the snow.

...clearly, Charley was obsessed with it and was so cute giggling all over the place while trying to catch some in her mouth.

...they bundled up and headed for the front yard. I could barely last a minute before I was freezing, while they managed to stay outside until we made them come in.

...while there was snow around, I wanted to get our annual Christmas card photo.

...I wasn't exactly pleased with the first ones, so I made them go outside one more time, and we got it perfect. My favorite part is the snow falling on us.

...Grace remembered that the fairy castle was out here, and she wondered why they moved it for the winter.

...finally she spotted it all covered in snow. I told her they were probably staying inside by the fire to keep warm.

...Saturday morning, we had to head home. We had our big trip to California the following day, and I wanted to do some laundry and repack before we headed that way towards totally different weather conditions.

...when we got our new car, the girls wanted to name it Betsy (our old car's name). I told them it needed a fancier name, so Char called it Cherry. None of us really liked that either, and when we got in the car to leave the cabin, they both renamed it Elsa due to the ice crystals that were formed all over the windows. Grace said we could call Shelly's car Anna, so when we go places together, they'll be Elsa and Anna. The things these kids come up with sometimes...

...Gracie wore Daddy's bearded beanie home, since she was finally cold and looked like the cutest lumberjack ever in her flannel shirt.

We had such a fun week, and there's even more fun to come in Disneyland as we continue our vacation week. Stay tuned...

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