Last Week...

...the girls spent Monday with Grandma Sunshine after their Sunday sleepover. They always talk her into taking them to the library and have so much fun playing there.

...Char obviously missed me, and wouldn't leave me side (or my back) the entire night.

...Tuesday, I got my nails done after work. They were super cute, as usual.

...we went to Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's for dinner where Gracie colored and Char got down on some avocados - her most favorite food ever.

...we had the most beautiful sunset.

...Char wore her new Bing Bong shirt to school and was so excited. She LOVES the new Inside Out movie and watches it all.the.time. She and Grace sing the Bing Bong song a lot, so I knew she had to have this shirt as soon as I saw it.

...we went to gymnastics Thursday after school. We got this bag a couple of months ago, and the girls use it for everything. I'm talking pool days, sleepovers, at the beach, gym class, etc. They love it!

...Char colored after her class while Grace worked on handstands, cartwheels, and vaults.

...Toodles woke me up in the middle of the night while playing under the covers. I have no idea what his deal was, but he ran around the house like a maniac.

...Charley looked through our blog books (while wearing a Minion tutu). I just love having these memories in book form, and the girls always love reading through them. They're probably my most favorite possession.

...meanwhile, Grace played with their marshmallow guns while sitting on Daddy's shoulders to get more distance.

...Auntie Elisha brought her new puppy over, and the girls had the best time playing with him. He's absolutely adorable. Even Isaac fell in love with him.

...Saturday morning, the girls destroyed their playroom, and I secretly recorded them playing doctor. Gracie cracks me up. "Did those shots hurt?"

...I met up with these amazing ladies to go wedding dress shopping with my baby sister. She ended up finding the perfect dress, and I cannot wait to see her all dolled up in it in a few months!

...we spent the afternoon at the Humphrey's where Isaac and I both snuggled baby Colter, and the girls played in the pool. He is such a little sweetheart. was so nice to catch up with Ashton and Lindsey. They were some of my best friends growing up, and I just love them so much!

...we met the family at Ventano for dinner. Chase was not amused when I tried using my phone, while he was playing games on it.

...after over twenty-four hours of texts, I finally got the most important one: my best friend gave birth to her baby girl at 2am on Sunday morning! I could hardly wait until morning to go see her and congratulate them in person. mom kept the girls and took them to see Minions and get ice cream. Then, Grandma Espejo called and wanted them to come over and swim that afternoon. It was perfect, because we were able to go to the hospital without worrying about the girls.

...finally, we were able to meet sweet baby Amelia. She was only a few hours old, and I got to hold her for a whole hour since no one else was there. I was in baby heaven! We brought Matt and Frannie coffee and breakfast, since they had a long night. Amelia didn't make a peep the whole time. She stared at me for a minute, yawned, and then slept in my arms the rest of the time. I'm so in love with her already! Congratulations, guys. We're so happy, excited, thrilled, all of it. You guys are going to have so much fun with your sweet, new baby girl. Love you all!!

I'll leave you on that happy note.

See you next week <3

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