Last Week...

...Gracie started Kindergarten on Monday and had the best day ever!

...Charley ripped her destroyed denim shorts almost in half while she was bored at school. 

...she played in the dirt that was left in front of our house after last week's storm.

...we had dinner at Chapala, and the girls posed sweetly for a picture.

...I asked Grace to take a picture and then got this face when she heard a bee buzzing in the bush. We then moved to the other side of the yard.

...the little kids played outside, while the big kids chilled in the driveway.

...our sweet neighbor made the kiddos a huge plate of back-to-school cookies, and this was all that was left when we went inside.

...I got my nails done again...super cute.

...the girls played with their vanity and did each other's make-up.

...Grace wore her Wicked Smart baseball tee to school Thursday, and looked adorable.

...she ended up getting a fever before making it to Kindergarten, so Grammy picked her up for the day. Sookie ate one of Grace's sandals, and she was not too happy about it.

...Char snacked on popsicles and rode her bike around the neighborhood. She's getting so good on it!

...Grace wore her school shirt for "School Spirit Fridays". This may have been my favorite outfit of the week, because she looks so sweet.

...Saturday morning, we had a play date at the splash pad with the Sebastians. The kiddos had a blast, as usual.

...Charley got dressed for our draft party at Matt and Frannie's, and I curled her little pigtails a bit. She is seriously the cutest thing ever!

...the girls watched Descendants and danced like crazy people. This is currently their favorite movie, and they can't get enough.

...I got some snuggle time in with baby Amelia, before Charley stole her from me. Char loves to hold her and stare at her. It's so sweet!

...we finished up our draft, and I'm pretty confident that I'm going to win it all.

...Sunday morning, we went shooting again. I'm getting better and better, and I shot the 9mm this time around to get used to that one, too.

...after the range, we took the girls to Crepe Expectations for breakfast. While we waited for our table, they played with this amazing little Snow Leopard Bengal cat. He had the coolest spots and, apparently, has the personality of a dog instead of a cat. We may end up with one of these in the near future.

...we had mimosa trio samplers with our crepes and spent the rest of the day shopping, our favorite!

See you next week!

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