Last Week...

...I missed these pictures from last week when we went to Krispy Kreme, and they are too cute not to share. Char is all about the sprinkles.

...speaking of past weeks, I finally got the video from Gracie's dance recital. It's so fun to watch with her and see her reaction. She dances along with it each time. I still can't believe how well she did. Proud momma, right here!

...back to this past week, I gave Gracie a Tinkerbell cup, and she said, "I don't even like Tinkerbell, but I guess I can deal with it." She usually likes Tinkerbell. Just not this particular morning? Five-year-olds are super dramatic, I've learned.

...she and Char sang Fun while playing with Play-Doh after school. 

...I organized their whole closet and was pretty impressed with how clean and adorable it looked. Oh, how I wish my closet was half as amazing as theirs!

...Monday also happened to be National Black Cat Day, so the girls posed for a picture with Toodles.

...Char played her Ghostbusters pinball game on her iPad before bed time.

...the girls spent Tuesday with Grandma Sunshine. They played at the splash pad and went to an arcade. They had a blast, as usual.

...Isaac and I took them for ice cream after dinner that night.

...they played outside until it was time for showers and bed.

...I got them a new, sparkly (duh!) bed skirt, and since I was already placing an order with Pottery Barn, I got Char this super cute unicorn backpack, too. She has always been more in love with Buzz, Woody, and Minions than princesses, so I've been a little surprised lately that she's loving unicorns, sparkles, and all things girly.

...I made Gracie a shirt the night before her Kinder Meet and Greet that she will take a picture in every single year on the first day of school. It turned out so cute, and I'm excited to have a little tradition to do each year with her.

(2028 sounds sooo far away, but I know it's going to be here before I know it!)

...she loved her classroom and feeling like a big girl at her new school. She got to sit in her seat, which is basically back to back with Easton's. We couldn't be more excited that they are in the same class this year! After seeing their classroom, they took pictures in the multi-purpose room. After spending a while learning about what to expect next week, I took Grace back to pre-school, and she showed me how she got to move her cubby into the big room with the other school-aged kids. She is so proud that she's an official big girl now.

...the girls had gymnastics that afternoon where Char worked on her floor routine.

...she put her dress back on afterwards so we could go out to dinner.

...Gracie worked on her jumps on the trampoline. She was pretty scared of this when she did gymnastics at three, so I was glad to see her having fun with it now.

...we ate spaghetti at Montesano's, and Char really loved it.

...Friday morning met us with another gorgeous sunrise.

...Gracie completed her final project in pre-school, which is so bittersweet. I'm so excited to see her grow and excel, but I'm also sad that she's growing so quickly.

...Saturday morning, we got ready and went Halloween shopping. This is Isaac's favorite holiday, so as soon as we noticed the shops popping up, we had to check them out. Charley had a blast trying out some of the scary costumes, while Grace was a little more reserved.

(Can't you just see her excitement?? And how big does she look here. Stop that, baby girl!)

...Char kept pointing to this prop and saying, "look at that huge butt!", so Isaac played a prank on them when they walked by.

...Gracie passed out on the way home. All of that shopping really wears a girl out.

...we went to the Linq with Allison and Alex for dinner and drinks, before heading to Matt and Frannie's for a bit for more drinks. 

...Sunday morning, Isaac and I went shooting again before having breakfast at Crepe Expectations. It's definitely my new favorite breakfast spot with a mimosa trio sampler and a nutella crepe. You just can't go wrong.

...we went to pick the girls up from Grandma Espejo's where they had a sleepover and met them at the park. They were having fun playing with Presley and loved jumping into Daddy's arms.

...I came across more selfies of Grace on my phone. I seriously don't know what this girl is doing. She's so silly!

...we had a late lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, where Char got in her afternoon nap.

...we went to the Randalls for a little gender reveal party where we were all excited to find out that we will be having another niece. Geni is having a BABY GIRL!! I can't wait to see what she'll look like. I'm imaging a little strawberry blonde, blue eyed beauty! Congratulations, Geni and Chad (and Chase, too)!!

...I ordered Gracie an Origami Owl locket for her first day of school. I gave it to her the night before, and she jumped into my lap, gave me a huge hug, and said, "Thank you, Mommy! You're the best!!'. I think it's safe to say she loved it.

...we painted her fingernails and toenails to match her dress on the first day and went to bed early. We're beyond excited to start Kindergarten in the morning!!

See you next week :)

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