Last Week...

...Grace had her very first dentist appointment. I was pretty nervous going in, so I had my mom come with. I thought for sure Grace would bite the dentist's hand off or keep her mouth shut the whole time. When we got there, the girls had fun playing with all of the toys and admiring the office:


When they called Grace's name, she walked over, followed the hygienist into the room, and climbed into the chair. They put her in a room decorated with Curious George and let her hold the stuffed one they had. She was so happy and opened right up. She let them examine her teeth, polish them up (after picking out some strawberry toothpaste), and even floss them! Then the dentist came in and checked them out. He said they were perfect, although she may have a slight under bite. He said if we want, we can have an orthodontist take a look in a few years, but it's no biggie. He gave her a fluoride treatment, and she was done. I was so proud of her. She's becoming such a big girl. Afterwards, they let her spin the wheel to get a prize, and of course, she won a little puppy:
...I got this pretty little 'Tree of Life' necklace with the girls' birthstones on it. I saw an offer on Facebook for seven dollars and couldn't resist:
...Grace had swim lessons again, and this time she did so well that moved her up from the Guppy class to the Tadpole class. I can't wait to see how she does in the "big girl" class next week:
...I helped support my friend's business and ordered some It Works skinny wraps from her. I wasn't sure they'd do much, but decided to try them out anyways. She met me and my mom over at her house and showed us how to apply them. Meanwhile, our four kiddos had a blast playing with Isaac and Papa Rick:
Here's my before and after pictures. Totally toned my tummy up! Can't wait to do more:
...Charley and I snuggled at bed time. I love that she still snuggles. Gracie was so over it by two months old:
...Grammy gave Charley her birthday present early. We played outside, and she and Easton had fun exploring it:
...we had dinner at the Mediterranean Grill, and the girls loved the hummus (and the juice boxes): little snuggle bug went to bed extra early twice this week:

...we finally got back to our Friday night dinners with the Unertls. Grace took Kasie's order and wrote it all down. When dinner was ready, Kasie sat at the kid's table with the girls and watched Wreck it Ralph while they ate. Afterwards, we all moved to the couch and watched Beethoven while Charley slept and the boys talked business:
...we celebrated Noah's birthday at his party on Saturday. He had a fun bounce house with a slide that both of the girls enjoyed. His cousin Kennedy was celebrating her birthday, too, so Charley got some fairy wings and wore them around their backyard. We had so much fun, and always love spending time with the best neighbors ever:
...we had some family pictures scheduled with the amazing Chelsea Robbins (See her stuff, here. You won't be disappointed.). The girls were a bit tired from Noah's party, so they napped until I made them get in the car. Then they napped the whole way to Nelson, Nevada where we took our pictures. Here's a little sneak peek:
(More coming soon...)
...after the pictures, Charley was covered in dirt. We went straight home and took baths, and Charley rocked her mini-ponytail:
(Side Note: Came across these ladybug onesies on Gap and knew Charley had to have them cute!!)
...Kasie and Jeremy came over for dinner (twice in one lucky are we?!), and Kasie and I made strawberry mojitos. Grace was jealous, so we put a little muddled strawberry in her lemonade: 
...she played with her glow in the dark jewelry:
...after Noah's birthday party, Grace felt the need to proclaim her love for him to everyone. The whole mountain thing started when I showed her "our" mountain. I said, "Daddy asked me to marry him up there." Now she always tells us how she is going to go to the mountain to marry Oah:
...we had our Sunday morning breakfast at The Coffee Cup:
...we did our weekly shopping at Trader Joe's. Since we've been going there every week, our pantry was filling up with those huge paper bags. We grabbed a few reusable ones to make life a little easier:
...we spent the rest of our Sunday playing in the backyard.
See you next week :)

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