Last Week...

...we played outside since the weather was so gorgeous. We started off in the backyard, and ended up out front when Grace heard other kids playing. Now that Charley can walk, she thinks she needs to run around with the big kids. She still stumbles and gets dirty instantly, so I try to keep her off the ground. The only way I can get her to stay in her pack 'n play is to continuously give her graham crackers (her favorite snack):

(And the best hair award goes to Grace. Those curls kill me!)
...Addy (who she calls Abby Cadabby) tried teaching Grace how to do jumping jacks:
...Grace sang her favorite song on the way to dinner:
...Daddy gave the girls rides on his shoulders. Both of them thought his face was a good handle to grab when they got scared:
(Poor Daddy!)
...we bought a lemon tree and a plum tree to plant in our backyard. When we were at the store, we also noticed some Jack Daniels barrels that would look beautiful on our patio, so we grabbed a couple of those and some flowers to go with our fruit trees. The girls had so much fun planting them with Daddy the next day:
(Of course the girls needed garden tools at the store, too! Grace picked out pink princess ones, while Charley wanted Mickey Mouse.)
(Turns out Isaac and I need to learn how to read, because our lemon tree is a guava tree. I don't even know what those are, really. Looks like we'll be planting a couple more trees. I had my heart set on true homemade lemonade this summer!)
...we played outside, and Noah gave Grace one of those sugary packets that you put in water to make fruit punch. Isaac put the whole packet in a small water bottle, so it was basically sugar water. They drank some, but Isaac dumped it out when we went inside. Grace threw a fit, so I egged her on a bit...such a mean mom:
...Charley played with the phone and knew that it was supposed to go by your ear. She's getting so smart and picking up new stuff every day:
(Smarty pants.)
...we played with her foam letters that Grandma Lisa got her:

...Charley slept in her crib for at least part of the night each night:

...I tried a new hair style that I saw on Pinterest and it turned out pretty and was super easy:
(My hair ended up in wavy curls.)

...Grace checked on our new flowers:

...she helped Daddy plant some strawberries while Charley and I watched:

...Charley and Grace snuggled in bed with me while Daddy worked before bed:
...Charley slept in her crib in her new Titans onesie from our friend, Audrey, that moved to Nashville:
...I painted my own nails, and didn't even mess them up:
(My favorite color...turquoise!)
...Grace has been making me tickle her back before she goes to sleep every night since she turned one. It all started when my Aunt Laura tickled her hand on the airplane to Tennessee. I usually tickle her in my bed and then move her to her own when she falls asleep, but we tried something new this week. It didn't last very long:
...Charley woke up early and carried her blankets all over the bedroom while I got ready for work:
(This kid LOVES her blankies. I call her blanky baby quite often.)
...Grace helped Poppa make a chocolate cake on Friday and brought some home with her:
...we had dinner at Chevy's, and Charley ate the crayons colored with Grace. We had the coolest waiter that gave both of the girls ice cream:


 ...Charley snuggled in bed with me in the early morning:
 ...she snacked on some yogurt melts and puffs while the rest of us got ready:
...we celebrated Geni and Chad's engagement with a day on the lake.
...we had our usual Sunday morning breakfast at The Coffee Cup, and Papa Rick joined us:
(Grace does not look happy that Charley is sharing her cereal.)
...we played at Town Square for a bit before heading to the Fashion Show Mall:
...we stopped by Tropical Smoothie on the way home (Grace calls is choc-a-pole smoovie) on Sunday for sandwiches and smoothies. Instead of eating there, we decided to take it all home and have a picnic in the back yard:
...we had pizza for dinner. Charley tried it for the first time and loved it:

(Typical - no pants, Grace.)
Busy week again! See you next time :)

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