Last Week...

...Charley watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's one of the only TV shows she'll watch, although she is getting more and more into movies nowadays:

...Grace jumped on her bed. She does this every time she gets in it:

...the girls went to bed early, and I got to catch up on my shows (yayyyy!):

...Grace started swim lessons at a new time since she moved up to the Tadpole level. We waited in the car for Daddy to get there Tuesday before they started:

...Grace worked on some new skills in her new swim class and did great:

...Charley really enjoyed Taco Tuesday, and her love affair with avocados continued:

...I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise on the way to work one morning. This picture doesn't do it justice. The sun's rays were just bursting through the clouds and shining down so beautifully. It was really breathtaking:

...Charley got her very first bath mohawk:

...she snuggled in our bed most nights. Her canines are just starting to break through. You can see the very tips surrounded by lots of red, swollen, gums on the bottom. She's also got the standard runny nose and terrible diaper rash that come with teething...poor kid:

...she also started babbling quite a bit the past couple of weeks. She talks all the time and it always sounds like she's saying "tickle, tickle, tickle". She also says "cracker" pretty clearly and "Kasie". At least that's what I thought she was saying...turns out she's actually calling for sister by the name "Gaysie". Adorable! I've only been able to get a tiny bit on video when she tried reading me stories from her new books:

...the girls had Elmo Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner and they loved it. Charley kept asking for more. I gave her a spoon to try out, and she just held it in one hand while continuing to eat with the other. I guess we'll have to work on that:

...we did some more snuggling:

...when Charley fell asleep, Grace face and I got to snuggle, too:

...we deemed Thursdays "Purple Penguin Day", because it's right next to the girls' school. We stopped for snowcones last week, and Grace was so cute feeding them both to Charley when we got home:

...Charley's teacher thought her birthday was the 20th, so she was so sweet and brought her balloons to decorate her crib in class for the day:

...I couldn't stop kissing the little one all week. Maybe I'm starting to feel her first birthday creeping around the corner:

...we met Papa Rick at Ventano for dinner and Charley went to town on the breadsticks. Then Grace and her shared some mac & cheese and had their first actual fight where Charley fought back. I'm sure I've got many more of these coming my way in the near future:

...the girls played in their sandbox in the back yard (best investment ever...they love this thing):

...we had Charley's first birthday party at Avellino Park on Saturday.

...after the party, the girls had fun playing with all of Charley's new toys. I was watching Grace read books to Charley, and she ended each story with "amen" instead of "the end". It was sooo precious:

...Charley's big day really wore her out, and she slept really hard that night (and the next day!):

...when we woke up on Sunday morning, Grace said that she needed "ceweal toast cwunch from the coffee place". She always gets Cinnamon Toast Crunch when we go to The Coffee Cup. This particular  morning, we all slept in a little late, so I didn't think we'd make it to breakfast. Grace insisted, so we got dressed and headed to Boulder City. They redid their menus and I got a B.L.T.E. It was the best sandwich I've ever had...definitely my new favorite. Charley was over the high chair and wanted to sit in a big girl chair like the rest of us:

...after breakfast, we headed to a nearby park that had the biggest slide ever. Grace loved it, while I was a little terrified. It was sooo tall:

...we did our grocery shopping and Grace picked out a package of weird noodles. We didn't need them, so they traded her for a toy car:

...Charley napped a lot on Sunday:

...Grace tried hiding from her, but Charley quickly found her:

...we had Elmo Soup again and this time, I helped Charley with the spoon. She wasn't very patient and demanded that I move the spoon a little quicker. I gave in and just let her feed herself:

Next week we are going to Disney on Ice with Grandpa and Grandma Whiting to celebrate Charley's birthday some more. I'm Grace is so excited!

See ya next week :)

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