Our Favorite Thing {Six Months Old}

We're halfway through Brother's first year, and I'm not sure how we got here. Maybe it's because I'm mostly a mombie (that's a zombie mixed with a mom that's getting minimal sleep for those that don't know) lately, but I feel like we were just gearing up to head to the hospital to welcome a baby boy to the family. I blinked, and he's six months old. Like, what?

He's the best. Seriously. He just looks at anyone he meets and gives them the biggest grin. All of the guys at work come in to my office and talk to him and then die when he smiles at them. They say, "I can't believe he smiles at me every time! He must like me!", but he really does that with everyone. He's just the sweetest.

He's laughing a little bit more here and there, but we're still waiting on that big belly laugh. Right now it's just little giggles and super loud squeals. He's rolling back and forth with ease and will roll across the room when Mom isn't close by. He also loves to jump in his jumper and will hang out in there chomping on toys and jumping all over the place.

Brother is weighing in at about seventeen pounds and is twenty-six inches long.
(I watched the nurse measure his length, and she said twenty-five inches. I told her that was wrong, because his feet were hanging two inches off the twenty-five inch table, and she looked and said "OK, twenty-six". I'm fairly certain he's really twenty-seven inches long.) 
Grace was almost twenty pounds and twenty-seven inches long.
Charley was fifteen pounds, four ounces and twenty-five inches long.
Perry was fifteen pounds, nine ounces and twenty-six inches long.

He is in between 3-6 month and 6-12 month clothes and wears size three diapers. We haven't really ventured in to shoes yet, but he can wear a size two moccasin.

We've slowly started foods, and first up was oatmeal and pears. He hated it and didn't want anymore after a few tastes. We tried sweet potatoes next, and he was only a fan if they were warmed up first. Understandable. He didn't like apples, but he loved bananas. Maybe because we let him eat actual bananas. We started with the silicone feeder with little holes, and he couldn't get enough. Then I fed him little bites at work, and he did great with them. I'm trying a subscription based baby food plan next week, so we'll see how he does with all of those different foods.

Brother is still eating frequently with an hour or two in between nursing sessions. He gave up his first long stretch of sleep at night and now wakes up every hour or two to nurse for four minutes. I'm hoping that getting him to eat more food before bed time will help out, but no luck just yet. We had a couple nights where he would only sleep if I held him, so we slept with my arm under his head cradling him on my pillow. Those were some rough ones, but thankfully he's back in his DockATot now. Those few nights may have been when that second tooth was working it's way up.

Brother's two bottom teeth finally popped through this month, and they look super cute when he smiles up at you. He's still a drooling mess most of the time and loves to chew on his fingers or anything else he can get his hands on. At this point, everything goes right in his mouth.

He is starting to sit up, but he'd rather stand, so it's hard to get a feel for where he's at. Sometimes he'll sit up for a few seconds and other times he'll just fall over and lay on his belly. Whenever you're holding him, he'll always arch his back and stand up. He loves to be told he's a big boy and smiles so big when you tell him so. Daddy even let him stand while holding onto the side of the ottoman last week, and he held himself up for quite a while...until he hit his mouth on the edge and started crying. I couldn't handle it and had to leave the room. My poor baby!

Bro Bro is starting day care next week, and it's bittersweet. I'm excited for him to get more interaction then just sitting in the rock 'n play at the office, but I'm sad that I won't get to love on him all day long. He's so ready to do more and wants to get up and run already. He loves his sisters, and they are so excited for him to come to school with them. Grace and Charley are so good with him. They can carry him around and love to play with him. Having them around to help is so nice, and I know they'll be in the baby room before school to watch over their baby brother. I don't know if Perry realizes that she won't see him for most of the day, but she's ecstatic for him to stay with her all day at school.

His favorite things include Copper Pearl swaddle blankets, baths, Mickey Mouse, being outside, squealing extra loud, and blowing raspberries.

Our favorite thing is him.

We love you so stinking much, Bro Bro.

Happy Half Birthday <3

(Grace - Charley - Perry - Isaac)

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