Red Truck Christmas Pictures {The Grubers}

My sister Andrea came in town to spend a week with all of us. Before she came, she asked if we would all like to do some pictures with Rick's red Ford.

I can't pass up and opportunity for pictures of my kids, and since Andrea has been getting better and better by the day, I was so excited to take advantage of her offer. 

We met at my mom's house Saturday afternoon and took some casual pictures in the back yard that turned out to be so adorable and some of my favorites ever!

This picture of my kids is my most favorite. They're all looking and smiling. It's perfect.

This one of Perry couldn't be better. Did you notice her shoes on the wrong feet? That's so her.

By the end of it, Bro Bro was super sleepy and passed out in Daddy's arms.

I am so in love with these sweet shots. A few of them went in to frames immediately.

Thank you so much, Andrea! You are so talented, and it shows in every shoot you do. We love these so much!!

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