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Picture of the Week: Baby Bro's Live HD Ultrasound

The weather has been gorgeous, so our biker gang was back in action every day this week.

Perry is really liking Mary Poppins Returns right now, but only the bathtub scene where they sing and play.

We went to a 4D Ultra Live ultrasound on Tuesday, and the images we got of the baby were awesome! They were so detailed, and you could totally see features from each of the girls in his face. He definitely has Charley's lips and Perry's eye shape, but I can see Grace overall in his face. He kept his feet up in his face the whole time, and we even got a shot of him crying when the tech pushed my belly to make him roll over.

The girls got their pictures back from picture day, and they both looked so pretty. I especially loved their class pictures.

Perry was sick on Thursday, so Daddy stayed home with her. They cleaned the whole house and even caught a bunny hanging out in the back yard.

The girls had their second soccer games of the season (I missed the first one, because I was at my sister's baby shower.) and did so well. Char has come a long way and is getting really good at her passing and knowing where she is on the field.

Grace has always loved to play defender and takes really good angles on the ball. She did great keeping it off our side of the field. (You know you've been watching too much hockey when you want to say "she's been keeping it out of the defensive zone".)

Perr Perr napped when we got home.

We took the girls to Dave and Busters for a little Sunday Funday.

Daddy got the girls to play Halo with him, and they all loved it and had so much fun.

Back at home, Perry played with her bubble machine and danced all around the back yard.

Only one more month until baby. The countdown is on!

See ya next week :)

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