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Picture of the Week: Breakfast Brunch Cheers

Perry and I snuggled while watching movies on the couch.

The girls got me some pretty flowers for my birthday. Daddy helped hide them Monday night so I could be surprised by them on Tuesday morning when I woke up.

I also woke up to a gorgeous sunrise that day.

A couple of months ago, Isaac and I taught the girls about Elvis and Johnny Cash. Ever since, they've all been obsessed with Johnny Cash, and Perry asks for Ring of Fire every time she gets in the car.

Gracie got a new dress that she had been waiting for and couldn't wait to try it on when we opened the mail.

Isaac had a fun event with the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association where they had a clay disk shooting tournament to raise money for the homeless.

Perry and I watched Frozen Fever over and over and over. It's less than ten minutes long, and she insists on watching it again every time it ends.

Gracie went to paint and cookies at school with the Sebastians and had the best time with her buddies. Thanks so much for taking her, Shelly!

Meanwhile, the rest of us went to Chase's first t-ball game of the season. I love how into the game he is and watching his little legs run so quickly around the bases.

Saturday, we had a surprise baby shower lunch for my sister Andrea and her husband Dan, since they were in town for the weekend. It was so pretty and went beautifully. We're so excited to meet baby Piper and for them to experience parenthood in a few months.

Anna and Jack Sparrow even made an appearance. Unfortunately, Perry had a tummy ache and wasn't feeling like herself. After they left, she kept saying that she didn't get a picture with them.

Charley found the extra clothespins and was so excited to win until she found out the prize was just soap.

Perry fell asleep on the way home and didn't feel great until the next morning.

Gracie had a sleepover at one of her friends' houses where they did make-up and had a fashion show.

Sunday, we walked through the Venetian, and the girls were obsessed with Nectar Bath Treats.

We had brunch at Buddy V's with Grandma Sunshine and Papa Craig to celebrate Isaac and my birthdays. The kids all got strawberry lemonades and loved the fancy glasses that they came in.

They didn't have strawberries in the buffet, so Perry got the waitress to bring her a plateful.

We had our maternity photo shoot with my sister, and she got the prettiest shots of us at the Wetlands. Thanks again, Andrea!

Charley left this gem of a picture on my phone, which made Isaac and I both laugh out loud when we saw it.

That's all for now! See ya next week.

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