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Picture of the Week: Daddy's Birthday Dinner

I made the best turkey meatball vegetable soup on Sunday, and I couldn't wait to eat it for lunch at work Monday. It's so delicious!

The girls did homework after school.

I could tell Perry wasn't feeling great on Tuesday when she just wanted to snuggle and fell asleep on the couch after school.

She kept waking up all throughout the night with coughing attacks and threw up from gagging a time or two.

Char's class got to hang with policemen and the FBI during career week at school.

We went to Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's for dinner to celebrate Daddy's birthday.

Grace stole his hat and took silly pictures of herself on my phone.

Char noticed that her loose tooth was super wiggly and was afraid it was going to fall out while she slept that night. She didn't want Daddy to pull it, so she played with it for a while. When she finally got it out, she just walked in and said nonchalantly, "I got it guys". This kid is so weird. That makes seven for her and number eight is already loose.

We decided to take Perry to the doctor, because she wasn't getting any better with her coughing, and we knew of some other kids with the flu, RSV, and ear infections going around her class at school. I brought her to work with me in the morning, and then Isaac took a half day and stopped at urgent care. It turns out she had a double ear infection and her throat was pretty swollen. They gave her a steroid shot for her throat and gave us prescriptions for an antibiotic, Mucinex, and Claritin. After taking all of these in addition to Motrin for her fever, girlfriend was like a whole new person the next morning. She didn't need to keep taking it all after that, and her cough sounded much better. I was loving her scratchy voice, though. She colored this picture while she was at the office, and I couldn't get over how good she did. She's better at staying in the lines than Char!

Grace's class had a field trip to the Smith Center, so they got all dressed up. She had a good time with her friends and loved watching the orchestra.

They had Knights Day during career week, and Char's class got to hang with Chance from the Golden Knights. She was so excited to tell us all about it when she got home.

We got doughnuts at work, and they were super good.

We celebrated Kaitlyn's third birthday on Friday with a mermaid bash. Happy Birthday, Kait Kait!

While Charley was at a birthday party, we took Grace and Perry on a Starbucks date while we waited around in Boulder City.

Matt called Isaac with an extra ticket to the Knights game, and he obviously had a great time.

Meanwhile, I stayed home with the girls, and we watched Ava. Perry tried getting her to sing Jingle Bells, but she didn't know it. She moved on to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Ava jumped in on that one. They had fun playing with babies and calling each other on the Minnie phone until it was time for bed.

After a couple hours of Ava and Perry falling asleep and waking each other up over and over again, I moved Perry to my bedroom, and they both finally slept at the same time. Victory!

Grace and Char made a stage for their dolls (notice the microphones in their hands). They literally took a fifteen minute video of their dolls singing. It was basically just this picture with music in the background the whole time. 

Princess Perry walked around the house bossing us all around.

She painted Daddy's nails with Chapstick.

She took a long nap. I'm sure she was tired from the night before.

I ate Lindy's Italian Ice every night this week. I've been craving all things lemon all the time lately.

We got a diaper pail in the mail from our family in Nebraska, and the girls were far more interested in the box. They played with it while Isaac and I made dinner and had the best time.

That's all for now. See ya next week!

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