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Picture of the Week: Happy Valentine's Day

Perry watched me eat lemon Italian ice every night after dinner, so she decided that she needed some, too. She takes this little step stool (that she calls a bar stool) pretty much everywhere with her. She uses it to help with dishes, get on the potty, wash her hands, brush her teeth, etc. Apparently, it is now also a dessert table.

I thought this was perfect for my girls. They're all sassy and tough.

Perry took pictures of herself on her iPad. Only about two hundred pictures identical to this one popped up on my phone.

Grace has been asking for frozen yogurt, so we finally stopped in one day after she brought home an 'A' on a test.

Valentine's day came way too fast, but I still managed to get the girls a little something.

They all looked so pretty in their heart sweatshirts that Kasie made for us (Thanks, Kas!).

Our weather was forecasting some snow, but none of us believed it.

Perry slept so sweetly with her little hand on her cheek at nap time.

I hit the twenty-seven week mark of this pregnancy. I'm feeling all sorts of uncomfortable at night, but I'm loving all the baby kicks that I've been feeling lately. Baby is already the size of a head of lettuce!

We went to the Knights game with my mom and Rick and had a blast. The Knights won, which made it that much better.

Perry climbed in bed with me Saturday when she was ready for a nap. She loves to feel my belly and say, "I feel baby brother kicking me!", even if he isn't moving. It's the sweetest.

She fell asleep pretty quickly and napped the afternoon away.

Grace and Char complained about their bad "haircuts".

We had some leaking from our mater bedroom window when it rained this week, and the contractors left a bit of a mess after they came to check it out. Luckily, Perry was all about cleaning it up for me.

That's all for now.

See ya next week!

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